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In India, Sony is one of the best-known consumer electronics brands and enjoys a strong reputation for new-age technology, digital concepts, and excellent customer service. Sony Customer care provides a relentless commitment to quality, a constant pursuit of customer satisfaction, and unsurpassed service standards. This sets the brand apart from countless competitors and represent the true essence of everything Sony is. Sony is committed to ensuring that the products and marketing drives it employs truly change the way people live and provide them with new pleasures. The hallmark of Sony's service is a highly motivated and well-trained staff that provides a focused and responsive service rarely seen today.

Are you looking for a Sony customer care number and want to submit a complaint?

OneDios will assist you with filing an online support request within 60 seconds to resolve any issue with your Sony product without calling a Sony TV customer care number.It is the go-to destination for registering Sony TV customer service requests in a single click. Most customers don't like to wait on long IVR lines, so they have to struggle to call Sony customer service. With OneDios, you can book a service call instantly in just a few steps. It also saves time and effort as you don't have to search for Sony customer service near me or Sony Bravia customer care number.

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Sony Home Theatre Customer Care

Home theatre offers entertainment options suitable for watching TV and movies at home, and also playing games. It makes your experience more thrilling. Home theatre is a great luxury, but the interconnected system of receivers, amps, cables, speakers, and source devices makes it prone to problems. So, if your home theatre is giving you a hard time, you've come to the right place. You can access OneDios for repairing your home theatre in no time. You'll save time by not having to look up and call the Sony home theatre customer care number.

Sony TV Customer Care

Television is the most important part of everyone’s life. It has a great influence on how you spend your free time. Any malfunction of the TV will cause you discomfort. TV repair bills can burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase AMCs for TVs and other electronics at home. AMC is useful after the product's warranty period has expired. Critical parts are usually repaired or replaced at no additional charge.A regular service of your TV will save you money on repairs and replacements. Problems such as short circuits, color distortion, and screen fading are some of the common snags that can cause permanent damage to your screen.If you are facing any issue with your Bravia TV or want to buy an AMC, please raise a service call on the OneDios app. You don't have to look for Sony Bravia customer care or Sony customer care number 24x7 any longer.

FAQs about Sony Customer Care:

Q1. Where there is no picture on my home theatre?

If the screen is dark, there are several possible causes. The issue could be with a screen or projector, cable, source device, receiver, or remote, or power issue or fault with your TV or projector. In this case, you need to call for a technician to repair your home theatre system. You can contact the Sony customer service center through the OneDios app in less than a minute.

Q2. Is Home Theatre Warranty coverage important?

Home theatre issues may require expert help. You may not be able to fix the cause of the audio problem, or you may need to repair or replace the device in your system. You can buy annual maintenance contracts (AMCs), extended warranties, and service plans to keep your home theatre fully protected on OneDios. Now there is no need to search for a Sony customer care number.

Q3. What half of my TV screen turned black?

If half of the TV screen has turned black, the most common cause is that the backlight is not working properly. Other reasons can be due to a faulty HDMI cable, or interference from connected external devices. You can book a service call with OneDios directly instead of calling Sony customer care number or Sony tv customer care near me, saving you time.

Q4. Bad sound or no sound at all

This is another common problem with home theatres. In this case, first, check that the speaker is connected to a power outlet. Also, check the remote-control settings, a high chance that the sound may be muted. If that doesn't work, replace the cable that powers the speaker. However, if there is no sound from the speaker yet, the speaker could have become faulty or need repair. If you are facing similar issues, what are you waiting for? Book a service call using OneDios with one click. You don't even have to search for the Sony TV customer care number 24/7.

Q5. Is it necessary to replace a broken LCD screen?

Generally, LCD screens are irreparable. If you see a crack or scratch on your LCD, the best bet is to replace it. On the OneDios app, you can select the issue you're facing. You can also select the offers you'd like to take advantage of. Don't waste your time looking for a Sony customer care number or Sony Led TV customer care number.

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