Singer Customer Care

Do you need to approach Singer customer care to schedule service for your appliance? Then you've arrived at the right place! In just 60 seconds, OneDios will allow you to submit a request for any Singer product.


Singer Company is a corporate entity that arose from Isaac M. Singer's sewing machine business in the United States. It was founded in 1851. Singer India Limited (SIL), which is based in New Delhi, was founded in 1977. Singer has become a reputable company that has impacted many lives in a remarkable journey after more than 140 years of assisting people to convey themselves via their product line. Its mission has always been to produce sewing machines of the highest quality while also maintaining our position as the industry's leading manufacturer. As time went on, they realized that they wanted to branch out into home appliances in addition to sewing machines. Then the brand launched multiple kitchen appliances as well as home appliances.

Are You Searching For The Singer Customer Care Number?

Are you looking for the Singer customer care number? Do you need to set - up a service request for your machine? Now, you won't have to go through the lengthy process of submitting a request! Simply utilize OneDios to save time.

Most Common Searches For Singer Customer Care

Singer AC Customer Care

When it relates to after-sales facilities for Singer products, Singer AC customer care can help you out. However, getting in touch with them takes time, so you'll need to set aside extra time for it. OneDios is a better option in this case because you don't need to get in touch with anyone to submit a request. You can easily use this platform on your own.

Singer Microwave Customer Care

You can contact Singer microwave customer care if you are facing trouble with your appliance. The issues may include heating problems, defective light, malfunctioning components, vibration and more. Another way to get authorized services is via OneDios. It is faster than the conventional Singer customer care.

Singer Refrigerator Customer Care

Customers of Singer can choose from a variety of refrigerators. The list is quite extensive, including side-by-side and double doors. Each design meets the requirements of a particular household. If you own a Singer refrigerator as well, you must appreciate its potent performance. During use, it might also exhibit some malfunctioning. Now, you can schedule a repair service without getting in touch with Singer refrigerator customer care . Alternatively, you can choose OneDios to instantly raise any service for your appliance.

Singer Washing Machine Customer Care

Singer washing machine customer care can help you out with issues faced with the different models including front load, top load or any other Singer washing machine model. You can also use OneDios for booking service for your appliance in just 60 seconds. Additionally, with OneDios you won't have to wait on long holds as with the case of Singer customer care.

Why OneDios?

OneDios is a platform that makes it easier for businesses to communicate with their customers. OneDios allows you to submit service requests for a variety of brands, and the process only needs a minute. Additionally, OneDios' main objective is to reduce the time needed to submit a service request. Customers typically contact the brand's customer service, in this case, Singer customer care, to arrange for the servicing of their products. People are placed on hold for a longer duration during such calls. OneDios can help customers save time by preventing unnecessary time from being spent. Making a service request in OneDios is easy. The website has worked with many companies, including Singer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What should I do if my washing machine vibrates too much?

Follow these steps if your washer is vibrating:

  • Ensure that the shipping bolts are taken out.
  • Make sure your washer is installed correctly. Levelling should receive extra attention because it is essential for reducing vibration.
  • You must verify the load size. A washer that is either severely underloaded or overloaded will vibrate excessively. To make a balanced load if you are only washing one pair of jeans, add a few other items. Consider removing a few objects to create a balanced load if your washer is overfilled.
  • The heavier objects may occasionally group and throw the balance off.

You can anytime raise a repair request via OneDios without calling Singer customer care if you are unable to fix the issue.

Q2. How often should filters for air conditioners be cleaned?

Your split ac unit will operate more cost-effectively and maintain adequate air quality if the filter is cleaned. Every three to six months, depending on your location and usage, you should clean the filters. In homes where there are animals, smokers, or allergy sufferers, filters may need to be cleaned more frequently.

Q3. Why won't my microwave's light turn on?

If the light within your microwave suddenly stops working, you might just have a blown filament. Disconnect the microwave before verifying the lightbulb. If you find that the bulb is indeed blown, find out what kind of bulb your device requires and replace the old one cautiously. If you can figure out the reason then opt for servicing. Instead of contacting Singer customer care, go for OneDios.