Redmi Customer Care

If you are looking for the Redmi Customer Care Number, you have come to the right place. You may book a service request directly with Redmi customer care through OneDios.


Redmi is a divisional firm operated by the Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi. It was first introduced in July 2013 as a low-cost smartphone line, and in 2019 it separated into its sub-brand, Xiaomi, which now produces mid-range and entry-level Xiaomi (previously Mi) phones. Redmi has also entered the television manufacturing industry. The company focuses on creating affordable TVs for the public. There are different models of smart TVs which are made in India for the Indian market. Redmi TV or Mi TV of Xiaomi is manufactured in India by Xiaomi partners Dixon Technologies and Radiant.

Are you Searching for the Redmi Customer Care Number?

Do you need to request customer service and are looking for the Redmi customer service number? OneDios enables you to submit a request or complaint online with Redmi customer care. OneDios is the go-to location for raising Redmi customer service requests for all your product-related issues in a single click. It guarantees easy access to customer service directly from the brand. The better the customer care services, the more loyal and long-term relationships between the customers and their chosen brand. This is why many brands, including Redmi today, rely on OneDios to provide a better and smoother customer care service to the general public.

To request a Redmi device or file a complaint, you can contact Redmi customer care or do it through OneDios for easy and fast service booking. Redmi has immensely focused on good after-sales services. It ensures that its customers are satisfied with their products. As a result of Redmi’s collaboration with OneDios, service requests for Redmi customer care can be filed on OneDios in less than a minute.

Redmi Customer Care

Redmi customer care contributes to providing attention to the customers to optimise their satisfaction with the products, services, and business, as well as their experiences with Redmi. It ensures that customers are taken care of, that their interests are understood, and that they are helped to discover the best solution rather than just making a sale. Redmi customer service has joined forces with OneDios to enhance its offerings. You may quickly book any service through the platform! A request can be raised on the service-aggregator platform OneDios in just 60 seconds.

OneDios allows users to submit requests anytime, making the booking process more adaptable for various customers. Users can start the service booking process on its user-friendly interface without assistance. In addition to these capabilities, OneDios provides in-app purchases for different appliance protection plans. Consumers can also save invoices and warranties for appliances.

Redmi Customer Care For TV

Redmi has developed televisions in a variety of models. Each has capabilities like solid access to the internet and other devices, web surfing, online music and movie streaming, and more. If you are new to a smart TV, you can book a demo request with OneDios. Also, if you need help with your Redmi TV, contact Redmi customer care through OneDios. Problems such as short circuits, colour distortion, and screen fading are common snags that can cause permanent damage to your screen. If you are facing issues with your Redmi TV regarding an AMC, repair, service, and installation issues and are looking for a Redmi LED TV customer care number, you can contact OneDios. OneDios provides Redmi Smart LED TV Installation/Re-installation/Demo/Repair services in just 6 clicks. Download the OneDios app today.

Why OneDios?

OneDios is a platform where users can submit a request to get services from authorised dealers. Since Redmi customer care has partnered with this platform, you can schedule the services of its products through OneDios as well. The procedure only needs a few clicks and is straightforward. As a result, the procedure is finished in under a minute. Also, users are self-sufficient in initiating the process and do not require any other helping hand like Redmi customer care reps. Apart from placing the request quickly, users get additional benefits like 24×7 availability, timely reminders for upcoming services, status tracking, in-app purchases, and plenty more advantages!

Redmi Customer Care FAQs

Q1. How does the Redmi Smart TV's PatchWall Kids mode function?

You can limit content across several applications and display the Kid’s content using the Kids mode of the Redmi PatchWall. It comes with the following sub-features:

  • Free Edu content
  • Parental Lock
  • Safe Universal Search
  • Smart Curation
  • Peace of Mind

Q2. How to know if the media I'm watching on my Redmi smart TV supports Dolby Vision?

The Redmi Smart TV now supports Dolby Vision content through the OTT applications Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar. Open any video and look for the Dolby Vision logo on the media description page to see which titles it supports. The Dolby Vision symbol appears on the screen while viewing Vision-compatible media through HDMI or USB.

Q3. How do I turn on the Redmi smart TV's game mode?

The Redmi Smart TV will immediately transition to the game mode when you link to any console. The device can automatically recognise the HDR Game and Game Mode whenever you connect HDMI 2.0 (other compatible devices) and HDMI 1.4 capable devices. The user must utilise a compatible Hi-Speed HDMI cable to run the modes effectively.

Q4. What should I do if the television picture skips?

Try the suggestions below to solve this problem:

  • Deactivate the motion interpolation. Motion interpolation is a feature that increases the picture's frame rate to match the TV's refresh rate. The image can seem terrible if it doesn't function, and the frames might stop.
  • Try using various playback sources, including multiple DVDs or different streaming services. Often, your access to the DVD is the problem.

The best action is to contact Redmi customer care through OneDios to book a service with a technician if the problem has not been resolved.

Q5. What benefits do smart TVs offer?

The main benefit of a smart TV is having unrestricted access to programs that offer TV shows, videos, and other forms of entertainment without the need for a TV antenna or spending money on cable or satellite connections. You may use smart TVs to play online games, browse the internet, and watch the appropriate media files on your PC. You may easily find any smart TV model by conducting a web search. You should also be aware that some websites elect to limit access from particular devices or change how the content appears on other platforms, such as smart TVs.