Racold Customer Care

Racold is one of the leading producers of water heaters in India. It had been acquired by Ariston Thermo Group, an Italian firm, in the 90s. The firm pays attention to a few factors like quality, efficiency, and environment. It has emerged as an innovative brand in water heating technology. It makes sure that different needs of consumers are fulfilled with water heaters with distinct features. Apart from other parts, these water heaters are available in various sizes, colors, and capacities. Other water heaters are manufactured for industrial, domestic, or commercial purposes. Consumer satisfaction is the key to the success of Racold. The firm also contributes towards sustainable development by manufacturing products with 5-star ratings that ensure less energy consumption. It has also launched water heaters that work on solar energy. It has also built a strong network with more than 300 service centers and 1000+ technicians. All these factors make Racold one of the best water heater manufacturers in India.

Racold Water Heaters Customer Care

Racold has developed some of the best water heaters in India. From quality to design, the firm has worked on every aspect of these products. You will need to contact Racold customer care in the future for maintenance or repair. Instead of waiting in long holds, you can use OneDios to cut down calling time. There's a whole range of water heaters available with Racold:

  • The instant electric water heaters by Racold have a sleek and compact body. As the name suggests, it heats water in no time. Uniform heating makes this possible. It has an in-built thermostat that will ensure automatic temperature control.
  • Racold Electric water heaters store water in the tank. Water is heated according to the temperature set in the thermostat. Their larger capacities are complimented with classic designs.
  • Racold gas water heaters heat water using gas. These are available in three variants - LPG, NG, and PNG. They come with an auto-protection feature for safety measures.
  • Sustainable development is the order of the day in today's globe. So, Racold has designed water heaters to use renewable energy, namely, solar energy. As a result, it decreases the dependence on nonrenewable sources and, therefore, is environment friendly.

It is recommended to get your geyser serviced annually to maintain peak performance. Furthermore, cleaning your water heater will remove impurities stuck on the surface of the geyser. So, book a service request for your water heater using OneDios, which will instantly raise the service request compared to contacting Racold customer care.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the electric water heater of Racold work?

Coldwater is drawn inside the water heater through the inlet, and then the immersion heating elements increase the temperature of the water. Then the hot water is withdrawn through the outlet.

What is the warranty period of the gas water heater by Racold?

The warranty period is two years. You can easily claim this warranty using OneDios without searching for Racold customer care number.

Is the gas water heater safe to use?

Racold manufactures gas water heaters with safety features like auto-protection, double lock safety, child lock, etc. These features make the gas water heater safe to use.

Do you need a permit for the installation of a solar water heater?

Yes, you require a permit from your society before installing a solar water heater.

What is the life expectancy of Racold water heaters?

The lifespan of Racold water heaters is following:

  • Electric water heater: 5+ years
  • Gas water heaters: 3+ years
  • Solar water heaters: 8+ years

Is it possible to operate a Racold water heater with hard water?

Yes, you can use a Racold water heater for hard water as its body is protected with SPHP coating and Titanium Enamel.

How can you get servicing of your Racold geyser?

One option is to look for the Racold customer care number and contact them. Another option is to use OneDios to raise a service request for the Racold water heater. The former can take anywhere between minutes to hours, while the latter will not take more than one minute.

How will you ensure that your service provider is authorized by Racold?

If you book your Racold servicing using OneDios, only a Racold authorized service provider will repair or service your appliance. Additionally, you can check the list of authorized service providers on the official site of Racold.

So, now you can forget about the Racold customer care number and use OneDios instead.