TechGuard One Year Plan (Device Price Range 90001 - 95000) for Mobile

5,103 6,379 20% off

- The repair contract is valid only in India and is valid only if you are 18 years old or above the age of 18 years old

- The repair contract is valid for a smartphone manufactured in India or is legally imported in India and sold through official channels supported by an invoice and Manufacturers’ Warranty.

- This Repair Contract is not assignable or transferable for any reason (including but not limited to the case of the smartphone being sold to or stolen by a third party).

- A Like-to-Like replacement of the smartphone will be provided to you in case TechGuard concludes that your smartphone falls within the definition of Beyond Economic Repairs (BER) as defined in the repair contract

- Any such replacement will terminate the repair contract and TechGuard shall not have any further obligations for the remainder of the term of contract period

- You hereby , agree and acknowledge that TechGuard may call , send email/SMS/WhatsApp application messages on any of the contact details shared by you, in order to keep you informed regarding our service or to send you any marketing and our other product related communication.

- TechGuard reserves the rights to cancel the repair contract and/or withhold any repair request in the case of fraud, attempted fraud, tampering of the smartphone and its components or misrepresentation of smartphone age and condition or non-disclosure of any changes that can affect the repair contract and no refund will be due.

- TechGuard reserves the right to cancel this Repair Contract and withhold any Repair Request which you are entitled under this Contract:
if "Date of Device Activation" of Mobile Device is earlier than "Date of Repair Contract Start Date" for a new Mobile Device or
if "Date of Device Activation" of Mobile Device is earlier than 11(eleven) months from "Date of Repair Contract Start Date" for a used Mobile Device

- Any costs that you incur to repair the smartphone by a third party

- Any type of physical or liquid damage or cosmetic damages such as scratches or dents etc.

- Damage or malfunction caused due to virus or any other software-based malfunction

- Repair of the device has been conducted from unauthorized service centre during or before the contract period

- Replacement of consumable items like batteries or accessories

- Any defects that are subject to manufacturers’ recall

~ Non Returnable