Daikin Non-Comprehensive Warranty - Non Inverter Heat Pump


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Daikin Airconditioning India Private Limited (“DAIPL”) Product

Splits - Upto 2 Ton (Inverter)

The Daikin Split Air Conditioner (hereinafter referred to as "Product") upto 2 ton and High Wall Invertors upto 2.2 ton comes with 12 months Warranty from the date of commissioning or 15 months Warranty from the date of dispatch, whichever is earlier ("Initial Warranty Period") on all parts except front grill & plastic parts and, thereafter 108 months' Additional Warranty (*) on the compressor, from of the end of initial warranty period of the Product. Provided always that the Warranty Card bears the rubber stamp, date and signature of DAIPL's Authorized Dealer.

Split - Above 2 Ton (Inverter)
The Daikin Split Air Conditioner (hereinafter referred to as "Product") above 2 ton (other than High Wall Invertors type) comes with 12 months Warranty from the date of commissioning or 15 months Warranty from the date of dispatch, whichever is earlier ("Initial Warranty Period") on all parts except front grill & plastic parts and, thereafter 24 months Additional Warranty (*) on the compressor, from the end of initial warranty period of the Product. Provided always that the Warranty Card bears the rubber stamp, date and signature of DAIPL's Authorized Dealer.

The Warranty including the Additional Warranty is confined to the Purchaser who has purchased the Product, only from DAIPL or an Authorised Dealer or Distributor of DAIPL ("Purchaser"/ "First Purchaser"). The Warranty including the Additional Warranty cannot be transferred by the First Purchaser to any person by whatever means of the same Product.

(*) Additional Warranty on Compressor will continue even after the expiry of Initial Warranty Period. The Additional Warranty covers Compressor only. Gas charging is included only when Compressor is defective due to manufacturing defect and is inoperative. The Additional Warranty period, shall not cover any part such as condenser coil, evaporator coil, capillary, suction line, electronics parts, etc.

DAIPL warrants to the First Purchaser, that the Product is free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the Initial Warranty Period.
Warranty does not cover accessories external to the Product.

The Product is designed to operate at voltage supply of 220 Volts plus or minus 10% in case of single phase Product & 415 V plus or minus 5% in case of 3 phase Product. Any failure due to operation of the Product outside voltage limits will not be covered under this Warranty. If the voltage availability is outside these limits, the Purchaser is required to install a proper voltage stabilizing equipment. However, voltage stabilizing equipment is not covered under this Warranty.

The first Purchaser shall be entitled to the following services under the Warranty, free of cost, by authorised dealer/authorised representative of DAIPL.

Preventive Maintenance of Product

~ Preventive maintenance check up will be carried out three times in a period of 12 months from the date of invoice on request from the user, which will include:
~ General cleaning and brushing
~ General internal check up
~ Cleaning of air filter
~ Lubrication of moving parts
~ Checking of electrical contacts

In case of complaint registered by the Purchaser all efforts will be made promptly to attend to the complaint. Repair/replacement of part(s) during the Warranty period will be free of cost, if it is determined by the authorized representative/dealer of DAIPL that these are due to manufacturing defects. In no case this Warranty shall be extended to the replacement/return of Product.

This Warranty for the Product will expire automatically upon completion of 12 months from the date of invoice irrespective of the period, the Product was/was not in use by the Purchaser or was not giving proper performance or was under break down or the time taken for repair/replacement of defective parts or even if some part/s have been repaired or replaced during the Warranty period.

Call registered with the centralized helpline/Authorized service center, wherein only cleaning of the unit/parts in the unit due to dust accumulation on portions of the unit, general explanations/returning, are not to be considered as defects.

If any colored internal or external components are replaced, there will be commitment to ensure that the shades match with the original or other components. The replaced shades, patterns, tints may vary from the Purchaser's unit due to continuous usage of the unit. Any matching components changed at Purchaser's request will be on chargeable basis except the component which actually needed.

For the Product installed outside the municipal limits of the city jurisdiction, to and fro expenses incurred in collecting the Product or parts thereof and expenses incurred on lodging, boarding conveyance and other incidental charges will be borne by the Purchaser and shall be payable in advance.

In case of shifting of Product by the original Purchaser, then in order to avail continuing Warranty on the Product, the Purchaser should call DAIPL's authorised representative/dealer for carrying out any alteration in the Installation of the Product. The responsibility including expenses for shifting/ transportation/transit insurance of the Products shall rest with the Purchaser. The charges toward repair/replacement of parts consequent to shifting, if any, will be to Purchaser's account.

DAIPL undertakes no liability for any direct, indirect and consequential losses, damages such as loss of profit, loss of goodwill, loss of life etc and/or damages caused to the Purchaser or third party due to non or partial performance of the Product or any part thereof.

The Purchaser should preserve the original invoice and Warranty Card for necessary verification and produce it at the time of service.
The nominal capacity of Product is at standard test condition. Any deviation in the condition either on outdoor or indoor side will affect the Product performance.
The decision of DAIPL with regard to the settlement of all claims under this Warranty shall be final.

Courts in Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the event of any dispute.

The First Purchaser clearly understands and agrees that the warranty conditions shall be null and void, if :
~ The Product is transferred by the First Purchaser to any person.
~ The Warranty Card is not completed properly at the time of purchase of Product.
~ The completed Warranty Card is not presented to authorized service personnel at the time of service of the Product.
~ The Product is not operated according to instructions given in the Operating Instruction Booklet.
~ Installation of Product by any person other than DAIPL's authorised dealer/ representative.
~ Use of spurious fragile parts, such as front grill, knobs, louvers, levers, air filters etc.
~ Presence of foreign objects in the Product.
~ Product connected to improper power supply.
~ Damage to the Product due to operation in an abnormally corrosive alkaline/acidic atmosphere.
~ Damage resulting due to any defect which is not immediately notified to DAIPL and/or its Authorised dealer/representative.
~ Any defect or damage resulting due to improper maintenance of Product.
~ Removal, obliteration or alteration of original serial number of the Product including compressor and other parts.
~ Defects are caused beyond control of DAIPL like lightening, abnormal voltage, Acts of God, environmental conditions, negligence of Purchaser in using Product or while in transit to service center or Purchaser's place of usage of Product.
~ Damage to the Product or any part/s due to transportation or shifting is not covered under Warranty.
~ The Warranty of the Product is void, if the failure of the compressor is due to lack of proper preventive maintenance of the Product by the Purchaser or if the Product is repaired or attended by an unauthorized person. DAIPL's decision in this regard will be final and binding on the Purchaser.

All airconditioning systems like any other machine, depreciate with time. And If not properly maintained, they progressively lose efficiency, consumer more power, and drain profits.

Once your product is covered under Daikin's Annual Service Care plan, Daikin takes complete care of your product with regular periodic checks, just like the regular health check-up we receive at the hospitals.

Cost Effectiveness
~ Scheduled maintenance minimizes equipment deterioration.
~ Equipment service life is extended and total maintenance costs are reduced since possibilities of malfunctions are decreased.
~ Trouble-free air conditioner operation means no shutdown of production lines resulting from air conditioner failures.

~ The maintenance and inspection specified in the contracts ensure that safety devices function properly to prevent accidents in case of an abnormality is generated.
~ The maintenance and inspection specified in the contracts help prevent equipment problems.

Prompt Response
~ Since, Daikin's service engineers maintain a proper record of your air conditioner through periodic checks, they can provide the information promptly and accurately in the event of an unexpected break down.
~ Customers covered under the Daikin Annual Service Care get faster response as there is a dedicated team of trained engineers only for the customers covered under Annual Service Care scheme.

Daikin Annual Service Care USPs
On opting for a Service Solution from Daikin, you get following unbeatable advantages:

Priority Service:
~ Customers who opt for our annual service solutions are offered priority service. With prompt response to your queries, you will always have more reasons to be happy.

Customer Support Center Facility
~ We make it simple and convenient for our customers with our specialised customer support center that ensure prompt response to service requests and complaints.

Training Facility
~ We have specialised training facility at our manufacturing base in Neemrana, Rajasthan. In the training centre we groom and train our service team, which in turn ensures quality and expertise.

Genuine Spares:
~ By opting for our service solution, you are assured of genuine spares that will go a long way in ensuring high uptime for your system.