Daikin Air Purifier MC55XVM6 Covers 450 Sq. Feet With Streamer Technology

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Daikin air purifier is equipped with electrostatic HEPA filter, removes 99.97% of the particle.

~ STREAMER TECHNOLOGY can inactivate different type of viruses (14 kinds), Bacteria (11 kinds), pollen (16 kinds), Molds, Allergens & hazardous gases. Recently, the technology has been tested and found effective on latest deadly virus and such tests have been executed by reputed institutes in different countries.

~ TRIPLE PURIFICATION METHOD: Active Plasma Technology releases ions into the air, which form radicals having strong oxidative power. Such radicals decompose harmful viruses, bacteria etc. through oxidation method. Flash Streamer Technology emits high speed electrons, which creates irradiation in nitrogen, oxygen molecules in air. These molecules further decompose the viruses, bacteria & other harmful pollutants.

~ LONG LIFE ELECTROSTATIC HEPA FILTER: Daikin’s Air Purifiers are equipped with Electrostatic HEPA Filter, which removes up to 99.97% of fine particles between 0.1 microns to 0.3 microns in size. Electrostatic HEPA Filter have high efficiency in capturing particles and are less prone to clogging. This filter helps to reduce impact of harmful city pollution on you.

~ TRIPLE SENSOR & 3D POWERFUL SUCTION: The unit comes with unique triple sensor technology to identify dust, PM2.5, odor and react accordingly. Wide powerful suction from 3 inlets that are strategically located apart from the air outlet, which optimizes the intake of air, allowing the most amount of dust to be absorbed and purified in a given time. The vertical arrangement of filters is unique and it facilitates the air purification process and reduce noise.

Country of Origin Malaysia
Item Weight 10 Kilograms
Colour White
Included Components Air purifier, Remote Control and User Manual
Product Dimension (L * W * H) 27 x 27 x 50 cm
Applicable Room Size 441 Sq. Feet

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How safe are you from indoor air pollutants?

The indoor air quality is not as clean as it appears. Harmful viruses, bacteria and disease-causing germs are floating everywhere. The pollution levels are soaring high, and the pollutants are very much inside your homes like outside, sometimes even higher.

An air purifier has always been of significance but walking through the pandemic era has assertively made the air purifier a dire need of every household. To prevent catching the Novel Corona virus, it is indeed safer to be in our homes, but is it entirely safe inside our homes?

Besides the corona virus, the many harmful substances that our indoor air quality is loaded with is capable enough to weaken our immune system, which is too big a price to pay!

Daikin Air purifier removes 99.97% of disease-causing virus and bacteria germs ensuring that you breathe safe to be safe!

Indoor Pollutants

Indoor air may contain a complex mixture of potential pollutants. The most important of these pollutants include: viruses & bacteria, allergens, mites, dust, odour, fleas, combustion products, volatile organic compounds, and bio allergens.

Air Pollution – The Devil You Don’t See

Outdoor Pollutants

Outdoor air pollution primarily results from the combustion of fossil fuels by industrial plants and vehicles. This releases carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and other pollutants in the air.

  • Out of 20 most polluted cities in the world, 14 are in India
  • According to WHO, around 7 million people die every year globally due to air pollution
  • Air pollution is the fifth largest killer in India

You drink clean water. Do you breathe clean air?

  • 3 Weeks Without Food
  • 3 Days Without Water
  • 3 Minutes Without Air

We drink about 1.5 liter of water a day.APPROXIMATELY 1.5 LITERS!

We breathe about 28800 times a day! APPROXIMATELY 14400 LITERS

Health Effects Arising Due to Indoor Air Pollution

An invisible health hazard causing lung damage, cancer, and other serious health problems

Short Term Effects

People living in polluted regions may be at greater risk of developing chronic sinus problems due to high levels of air pollution.

High levels of air pollution can trigger attacks in people with asthma or obstructive pulmonary disease.

Atmospheric pollution caused by the pollen in air are responsible for a number of hypersensitive allergic reactions like bronchial asthma, conjunctivitis, rhinitis, dermatitis etc.

People being exposed to indoor sources of Particulate Matter are at increased risk of developing rhinitis symptoms.

Exposure to solid fuel smoke is consistently associated with COPD and chronic bronchitis.

Long Term Effects

Increased levels of air pollution causes a buildup of plaque in the coronary artery that can affect heart health.

Air pollution exposure can trigger new cases of asthma, worsen an existing respiratory illness, and incite development or progression of chronic illnesses including lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and emphysema.

Exposure to air pollution can cause long-term damage to nerves, brain, kidneys, liver and other organs.

Innovation partners with technology to give you the best air quality

3 Steps to ensure Pure and Clean surrounding

Daikin Air purifier has a 3-step action against trapping the harmful germs to let you breathe the air you deserve that is pure and healthy. The powerful suction takes in dust from 3 directions. It then effectively captures the pollutants with its electrostatic HEPA filter. Finally, it decomposes the harmful substance using the streamer technology by oxidation.

The unique double method works on two levels:

Active plasma ion flow out

The Active plasma ion technology uses plasma discharge to release ions into the air, which combine with components of the air to form active species with strong oxidizing power like OH radical. They attach to the surface of fungi and allergens and decompose proteins in the air by oxidation.

Streamer decomposes by suction

Streamer emits high-speed electrons. The electrons collide and combine with nitrogen and oxygen in the air to form four kinds of decomposing elements with decomposition power. The decomposition power is comparable to thermal energy of about 100,000°C.

The vertical structure that gives you 3 a purified indoor air quality

Multi stage air purification of air purifying stages are arranged vertically for optimal functionality. Active plasma ion generation unit, humidifying filter, deodorising filter, dust collecting filter, streamer unit and pre filter is capable of killing 99.97% of germs in the air.