Tail Light Assembly Inspection or Replacement

Tail lights are basically the red lights on the rear part of your car that aid in your and your car safety, as they show the rear side of your car to other drivers and help them appropriately gauge the size, distance and state of your car. They make your car visible in adverse climates.

On an average, your tail lights become dull in 5-6 years, depending on the exposure from the sun it gets and hence will accordingly need a replacement.

Did you know that you can be ticketed for having non functional tail lights? Fret not, for adverse times, Pitstop has you covered! We would never ask you to drive your car with non functional tail lights, our certified installation technician will just come to you with your brand new tail light assembly. Whether we come to your home or to the parking lot of your office, we just need enough room to park nearby and roll out our tools.

Tail lights are a vital part for your car. Book Tail Light Assembly Replacement with Pitstop and ensure your safety, your passengers safety and safety of the drivers around you.

Symptoms that you need a tail light assembly replacement

~ Bulbs of your tail light assembly cannot be changed
~ There is an external damage due to an accident or chemical drop
~ The lights have become dull with time
~ Tail light assembly cracks due to excessive exposure to sunlight
~ Leakage, causing water to enter the tail light