Left Rear Door Paint

Scratches and fading body color makes your esteemed car look dull and lifeless.With Pitstop you can restore that smooth surface, color and shine of your car without burning a hole in your pocket.

We offer a low-cost solution for your car paint and dent repairs that doesnt compromise on the looks. Whether its a deep dent or a small scratch, we can repair it all.Knowing the estimate of your work with Pitstop is as easy and simple as one two three.

We use the latest and up to date tools,equipments & color-coding system that ensures a true match of color.So go ahead with our Denting and Painting service and make heads turn again.

What is included?

~ Cathodic-e coating is applied to protect your car against corrosion
~ Primer coat is applied to provide a smooth surface and protection from UV rays
~ Base coat is applied to give your vehicle its color
~ Clear coat to seal everything and protect your car against any external damage
~ Rubbing and polishing
~ Vehicle is inspected for any faults and rectified