Horn Issues Inspection or Replacement

A horn is a sound making device installed in your cars so that you can call attention to some hazard and warn other vehicles and people around. Running a vehicle with a defective horn is more harmful to fellow drivers than to you, hence, for safety purposes, a faulty horn should be replaced at all costs!

The process of replacement starts by removing the old unit, plugging the wire into the new horn and finally mounting it.

Does your car have a wimpy or broken horn, contact Pitstop and book your Horn Replacement today. Our certified installation technician will just come to you with your brand new horn. Whether we come to your home or to the parking lot of your office, we just need enough room to park nearby and roll out our tools.

Bumper needs to be removed for horn replacement in certain cases. If that the scenario with your car, we will have to take it to our certified garages! Our skilled technicians would be the best judge!

Symptoms that you need a horn replacement

~ Horn making improper sound
~ Water entry due to leakage leading to rust formation
~ With time, it gets worn out and emits less powerful sound

It includes following

~ Old Horn Removed
~ New Horn Installed
~ Functionality Check
~ Vehicle Current Condition Is Diagnosed And Reported
~ Engine Scanning and Reporting