Complete Car Service

A regular service schedule can help keep your car running at it best. Manufacturers recommend general service for improved mileage and smooth functioning of the engine.

Engine oil loses its effectiveness over time; it needs to be replaced to extend engine life. It is very important to replace oil filter every time engine oil is replaced. This allows the oil which keeps the engine components working smoothly free from contamination.

Think of your air filter as your car lungs. If it clogged up with dust, it will be letting dirty air into your engine, reducing its performance. Air filters block dust and dirt from getting near your engine and ensures your engine gets clean air.

Coolant is necessary so that the engine cools down properly as engine damage could result from overheating. Brake fluid is crucial for safe operation of your vehicle.

Pitstop Complete Car Service is the convenient, time-saving, trustworthy car care you had always dreamt of.

It includes following

~ Engine Oil Is Drained And Replaced
~ Oil Filter Replaced
~ Air Filter Replaced
~ Coolant Topup
~ Brake Oil Topup
~ Cabin Filter/AC Filter Is Cleaned
~ Wiper Fuild Is Replaced
~ Brake Pads Are Removed, Cleaned And Placed Back
~ Exterior Eco-Wash(Water Less Wash)
~ Interior Vacuum Cleaning
~ Dashboard And Tyre Polishing
~ Vehicle Current Condition Is Diagnosed And Reported
~ Engine Scanning and Reporting