Allianz One Year Road Side PREMIUM Assistance Plan for Two Wheeler

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Roadside assistance is a nationwide service provided to mobilize vehicle which has become disabled due to unexpected break-down.

We have got you covered and protected from unexpected events 24/7. Now travel without worrying about the breakdowns.
~ Cover your Two-Wheeler for a year with our Standard Plan
~ From Free Towing to Fuel Delivery to Lost Key Assistance

Do not let your adventurous solo trip turn into a nightmare for you. Breakdowns can be daunting so remember to buy a roadside assistance cover for your two-wheeler and drive fearless. We are available 24x7x365.

Our Standard Plan covers the following assistance services:
- With Coverage Radius of 100 kms
- Avail the services thrice in a year with Standard Plan. Need unlimited services? Buy our premium plan with lot of more benefits.
- Stuck on road, get free towing till 50 kms
- Need help with Puncture/Flat Tyre, we are there to help you.
- 24x7 on call assistance
- Complete City route and map guidance
- We deliver fuel right when you need it

Understanding the Benefits: -
a. Towing - In the case of a mechanical or electrical failure or a road accident if your vehicle is immobilized and needs towing you can
choose to have your vehicle towed (at no additional cost subject to the plant terms and conditions) to an authorized brand dealership/
brand service center/ any repair workshop (whichever is nearest from the breakdown location) for your vehicle to be repaired. All cost
of repairing the vehicle at the dealership/service center or workshop where the vehicle is dropped shall remain the responsibility of
the customer and the company shall not be liable to pay for repair cost of the vehicle.
b. Onsite Repair – Minor repair that can be carried on the spot, however it will be sole discretion of AWP basis the type of event to send
an onsite repair service or towing service
c. Tyre Problems - We will change the flat tyre provided the vehicle has a roadworthy spare tyre available .If a spare tyre is not available
we will tow the vehicle to the nearest authorized workshop / tyre repair workshop whichever is nearest. The cost of repair is borne by
the customer.
d. Key Problems - We will try to retrieve the spare keys in case the original keys are lost, broken or locked in the vehicle (if you are in the
same city of your residence) or else we will try to open the vehicle. In case if we cannot open the vehicle we will arrange to tow the
vehicle to the nearest authorized workshop. In case the circumstances are such that only way to rescue the vehicle is to break the
windshield of the vehicle and gains entry into the vehicle, the customer must give a written or an oral consent before such rescue
operation can be initiated.
e. Fuel Problem - If a vehicle runs out of fuel, we will supply enough fuel (maximum upto 5 litres) to drive your vehicle to the nearest
fuel filling station. In case of incorrect fuel or contaminated fuel we will tow your vehicle to the nearest authorized workshop station
free of charge
f. Battery Problem - In case of a dead or discharged battery, jumpstart services will be provided to mobilize your covered vehicle at the
breakdown location. In case the battery has completely rundown and it is impossible to jumpstart the covered vehicle, the covered
vehicle will be towed to the nearest authorized brand dealership/ brand service center/ any repair workshop (whichever is nearest
from the breakdown location)
g. Urgent Message Relay - You will be provided with urgent message relay service to contact with your family, friends, and/or work
colleagues in the event of a vehicle breakdown or accident.
h. Assistance Over Phone - You would be provided guidance over phone for minor issues which you are not able to identify. For example
– Check Engine Light etc

Coverage Radius 100 kms
Number of services (annually) Unlimited
Free Towing Upto 50 kms
Battery jump Start Covered
Flat tyre assistance Covered
Locked/lost key Covered
Assistance over phone Covered
City route and map guidance Covered
Medical coordination Covered
Relay or urgent messages Covered
Cooling Period 48 hours

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