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TTK Prestige Limited has grown to become India's largest kitchen and home appliance firm, serving the country's homemakers for the past five decades. Prestige Customer Care team is committed to providing world-class Customer Support and After Sales Service to ensure that their valued customers receive the promised value and experience. Every Prestige brand product is founded based on quality, creativity, resilience, and confidence, making it the brand of trust in millions of houses.Prestige and OneDios' tie-up has gone a step further in maintaining effective as well as high-quality services at the customer's doorstep. OneDios is a dedicated online app that helps customers reduce the effort of getting customer service by providing comprehensive service options.It is the go-to destination to raise a support ticket for all of your Prestige customer service related to your chimney. It ensures direct contact with the Prestige call center. You no longer need to contact the Prestige customer care number.

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Prestige Chimney Customer Care:

Indian cooking is incomplete without spices and oils, which generate loads of smoke and grease. An electric chimney assists you in removing smoke and fumes in conjunction with many different things. It also prevents the tiles, ceilings, and walls in the kitchen from getting dirty.If you are experiencing any issue with your chimney or wish to service it, kindly raise a service call on the OneDios app with a single click. There's also no need to look for a Prestige toll free number anymore and wait in long IVR lines.

FAQs about Prestige Customer Care:

Q1. Why do you need to service your chimney regularly?

Chimneys are an important part of your kitchen. No one wants to wake up with a non-functional chimney. There are combustible materials in the kitchen that can cause a fire. Therefore, regular chimney service once a year is important to avoid any mishaps.Even if it looks in good condition you should still book a service call for chimney servicing on the OneDios app. There is no need any more to look for Prestige online complaint helpdesk. OneDios will also keep a record of your service history.

Q2. Where should a kitchen chimney be placed?

The distance between the top of the stove and chimney ought to be between 26" to 30". Assuming the distance is under 26" and the gas stove is turned on without any utensil on the burner, the chimney might burst into flames because of the oil in the collectors.It is best to take suggestions from a professional regarding kitchen chimney installation. OneDios app will help you book a service call for your chimney installation in less than 60 seconds. Now there is no need to look for Prestige customer care no.

Q3. How often should I service my kitchen appliances?

At least once a year, be sure to set up a professional check and service of kitchen appliances. This is extremely important for increasing the life expectancy of your devices.Access to Prestige customer service is simple and within reach thanks to the OneDios app for Android and iOS platforms and an accessible website. You don’t have to search for Prestige customer care no any longer. What are you waiting for? Request a service now!

Q4. Is a fireplace in the kitchen necessary?

Yes, a kitchen chimney is really necessary. It sucks up all the dirt and smoke released during cooking and makes the kitchen and home fresh and pollution-free.If you are planning to buy a new chimney, most of the brands provide you with a one-time free installation. But what if you are planning to change your house? You want to take your chimney to the new place. To reinstall your chimney, you can contact the OneDios app and book a call in a few steps as per your suitable time.

Q5. How can I buy an extended warranty for my chimney?

If you are looking forward to buying an extended warranty or AMC for your chimney, you can contact OneDios and book a service call right away in less than 60 seconds. OneDios sells Prestige authorised service deals at best-in-market prices. You can also track the status of your service call on the App anytime, anywhere! This will save you time and effort in looking for a Prestige customer care number.

A Ashish

  • 14-Mar-2023

I want to install my chimney


  • 24-Feb-2023

I purchased chimney from Army canteen. Now I need to install. Pls arrange to install it tomorrow at B6/302, Uninav Bliss, Raj Nagar Extension, U.P.

S Sasabindu Manna

  • 21-Feb-2023

I purchased chimney from csd salua air force stn. Now i need to install in my kitchen.

V Vasudha sonu

  • 05-Feb-2023

New installation chimney purchase two days ago it's so late service

M Mohan Singh Ganger

  • 01-Feb-2023

I purchased kitchen hood model oscar 900 please install at my house No#4Naidu lay out kuvempu Nagar 1st stage. Post_jalahalli East, Bangalore

S Sayali gawade

  • 11-Dec-2022

Repair chimny at baramti. No any prestige person here to work on chimny please suggest

S Soumithri

  • 01-Dec-2022

Service is not at all good and not at all responding to. A phone cal

A Ajit Soni

  • 18-Nov-2022

Service complaint for chimney

D Dr Naina Jaswal

  • 26-Oct-2022

Please install newly purchased prestige chemney at flat no H101, Monagreen 2 Zirakpur Gazipur road pin 160104

C Cheque Venkata Reddy

  • 28-Jul-2022

New installation at my home at Guntur