POCO Customer Care

If you are looking for the POCO Customer Care Number, you have come to the right place. You may book a service request directly with POCO customer care through OneDios.

About POCO Customer Care

Do you require POCO customer care to schedule a service for your gadget? Calling POCO customer care is hassle-free, as POCO customer care’s top priority is to ensure customer satisfaction. You can call POCO customer care toll-free or give them a call, or even message or mail them your query.

About POCO

Chinese firm POCO, formerly known as POCO by Xiaomi and POCOphone, is focused on making smartphones. POCO is an independent brand born out of Xiaomi Corporation. As of now, POCO has entered more than 35 global markets within three years. In 2020, the brand shipped over 9 million POCO phones globally. The first product released in 2018 – POCO F1 – swiftly propelled the brand in popularity among technology enthusiasts and media, all thanks to its incredible performance, reaching over 2.2 million shipments.

A consumer technological enterprise called POCO strongly emphasises the needs of its POCO supporters and operates under the motto "Everything you need, nothing you don't." It is based on the tenacious pursuit of technology that its supporters require, democratising decision-making and bringing about constant product changes to maintain relevance.

Are You Searching for the POCO Customer Care Number

Do you need to request customer service and are looking for the POCO customer service number? OneDios enables you to submit a request or complaint online with POCO customer care. OneDios is a customer service platform that supports home appliances, electronics, and mobile phones. Their services include scheduling repairs, tracking service requests, and providing customer assistance for warranty claims. OneDios is known for its fast and reliable customer service, helping customers quickly resolve any issues and get back to using their devices and appliances with ease. OneDios is the go-to location for raising POCO customer service requests for all your product-related issues in a single click. It guarantees easy access to customer service directly from the brand.

POCO Customer Service for Mobile Phone

With features such as 5G support, full HD display, wide-angle camera, and billions of colours, POCO mobile phones stand out among other mobile phones. Poco smartphones are mid-range in almost every aspect, but their speed is close to high-end devices. POCO phones are known for their strong performance, good battery life, large and high-resolution displays, and high-quality cameras.

Helping clients with problems involving their mobile devices and services are part of the mobile phone customer care industry. This can include resolving technical issues, responding to billing inquiries, and providing account management help. Mobile phone customer service must be provided by qualified, qualified technicians who can handle problems quickly and guarantee customer satisfaction. You can submit a POCO service call immediately on OneDios if you have one or more issues. For any of your POCO Mobile Phone customer service needs, OneDios quickly raises a service call. With just one click, you can contact POCO customer service directly.


A platform for submitting any service request is OneDios. Here are the top 5 reasons to choose OneDios for POCO customer care services:

  • Saves Time: Undoubtedly, OneDios raises your request more quickly. Booking a service with OneDios takes just 60 seconds.
  • No Calling: To schedule a service, you must only use the official website or mobile app for the OneDios platform.
  • Easy to Use: OneDios's user-friendly design makes it simple and quick to navigate the website. On OneDios, you can quickly identify your brand and product and schedule a service.
  • Saves Documents: You can ignore the documentation for your device required for routine maintenance. You can keep them safe by uploading them to the OneDios app.
  • Purchase: OneDios offers authorised product plans for your products, such as AMC and extended warranties. You can purchase any plan on the platform's official website or app.

POCO Customer Care FAQs

Q1. Can the warranty be extended on a mobile phone?

You can protect your smartphone from manufacturing faults beyond the original warranty period by purchasing an extended warranty. OneDios can help you file a service request for an extended warranty on your POCO mobile phone, or you can call POCO customer care. Considering purchasing an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) or extended warranty for your mobile phone, #RequestKaroRelaxKaro, OneDios does it all.

Q2. Why is my phone not turning back on?

Try Charging the Battery. If there's no apparent issue with your phone, it may be just out of battery. Try charging the device. If it's genuinely drained, the device won't light up immediately. Try plugging it in for 15 to 30 minutes before turning it on again.

Q3. Should I get my phone repaired or buy a new phone?

Yes, you can repair it with OneDios. Now, depending upon costing of repair, you can decide whether you should choose between repairing/buying a new phone.

Q4. Is the OneDios service portal available 24*7?

Yes, you can book a request for any complaint, repair or service at any hour of the day. OneDios website serves you 24*7, thus making the process of booking a service request more convenient and faster.

Q5. How to register a complaint on POCO customer care through the OneDios app?

After downloading the OneDios app or opening the website, click the “Book Service” button. Then from the appliances category section, you choose (smartphone) the product you want to avail of the service. Select POCO from the brand options. Mention the issue you are facing with the appliance you want to get fixed. Fill in your address, choose the appointment date at your convenience, and register your complaint.

Q6. How do you help me to solve my query fast?

At OneDios, we connect you to the specific brand for service requests, installation requests, or other issues. All the while making it simple, you can raise your request in just six clicks on the OneDios app. Moreover, you can always check the status of your “request” on our platform.

Q7. Does the OneDios app allow tracking service requests?

Yes, we do. OneDios provide its customers with the option of tracking their requests. Go to the “My Request” section on the OneDios app to track your request.