Panorama Customer Care

Do you think that contacting Panorama customer care is the only way you can schedule a service for your appliance? Then it is not! OneDios is one of a kind platform wherein customers can initiate the process of scheduling any service.


A company called Panorama specialises in the production and sale of smart LED televisions. One of the smart TV models available from Panorama is an android model that gives consumers access to the Google Play store as well as the ability to download a variety of apps, movies, music, TV shows, and games. The Panorama TVs have superb sound and picture quality as well as built-in apps for entertainment content. It also makes sure that their customers get the best of its services. The firm has given a huge significance to after-sales services.

Are You Searching For The Panorama Customer Care Number?

The Panorama customer care number is not the only solution for scheduling service for your device! Now, you can use OneDios for raising a request for Panorama products without wasting time searching for any contact number!

Panorama Customer Care

To receive assistance configuring service for your device, you can speak with Panorama customer care. It is the standard procedure for making bookings for services. Customer inquiries are handled by a dedicated team within the company. However, customers typically have to wait a long time due to the insufficient staff to handle all of the inquiries at once. As a result, many customers resent having to call Panorama customer care to schedule a maintenance appointment. You have a more informed choice with OneDios. It acts as a conduit for communicating 60-second requests to different companies.

Panorama Customer Care For TV

Everyone can choose from a variety of smart TVs from Panorama. They have incredibly cutting-edge features for networking and online streaming media. They work with Google Assistant and other voice assistants as well. You can arrange for an expert demo service if you wish to learn more about the unique characteristics of your smart TV. You can get assistance with your booking from Panorama tv customer care. For expedient processing, OneDios is preferable.

Why OneDios?

OneDios is a platform in which customers can raise service requests for multiple brands' products. The platform gives several advantages over Panorama customer care. The first one is being quick while processing. Customers can now schedule any service in just 60 seconds. When customers use the application of OneDios, they can also track the status of their service requests.

The advantages also include the mobile availability of various documents and timely notifications regarding upcoming services. OneDios also offers in-app purchases such as extended warranties, annual maintenance contracts and other protection plans. There are many brands who have tied up with OneDios, so the platform is not only the alternative to Panorama customer care but also for many other brands.

Panorama Customer Care FAQs

Q1. Can you watch traditional TV on a smart TV?

Yes, your smart TV will work just fine without an internet connection. It will be possible for you to connect speakers, Blu-ray/DVD players, and a cable box to watch TV channels, similar to a conventional TV. However, none of the built-in video streaming apps will work for you.

Q2. How can I tell if my TV is no longer functional?

The quality of your TV's screen is one way to assess its functionality. If the device is providing you with the same viewing experience as before, it is fine. However, if you notice any anomalies, such as vertical lines, you may want to start looking for alternative TV models. Circuitry, a loose board, or a damaged screen can all cause screen dysfunction. Checking out its years of experience is another option. An average smart television has a lifespan of seven years. You can thus use it to obtain an idea.

Q3. What distinguishes smart TVs from older televisions?

The following characteristics of the smart TV make them superior to older TVs:

  • Excellent interoperability with smart devices like Alexa and wireless networking.
  • Connectivity to the internet, accessing the web, live streaming, etc.
  • Excellent image quality
  • Depending on the model, a smart TV might have a variety of different functions. Instead of phoning Panorama customer service, you can use OneDios to request a demo if you need help understanding any of the functionalities of your equipment.

Q4. How can I make my smart TV last longer?

The advice that follows can extend the life of your TV:

  • One of the quickest methods to increase the longevity of your TV is to turn it off. Do it when your appliance is not in usage or being viewed, experts advise. By removing your TV from the power supply, you can reduce your electricity costs.
  • You may extend the lifespan of your new television by tweaking the contrast and brightness levels. More electricity is consumed when you turn up the brightness and contrast on your TV. It will gradually take less time.
  • Regular cleanings and maintenance checks are also vital to extending the life of your equipment. If you need any help regarding the repair, then you can get brand-authorised services via OneDios without calling Panorama customer care.

Q5. What internet speed is needed for a TV?

A full HD stream can consume up to 3 GB of data in an hour, and the usual connection speed required for viewing and live Television services is 10 Mbps.