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Panasonic - Side By Side Refrigerator

Panasonic - Side By Side Refrigerator


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Panasonic Side By Side Refrigerator Service | Installation | Repair

Panasonic side by side fridge allows you to store items from top to bottom. You can now keep the most frequently used foods or drinks at the top for easy access. The Panasonic side by side refrigerator service team adopts a new hygiene approach that was created in line with Panasonic's stringent comfort, quality, and safety standards.

Panasonic will continue to create products with a broader goal in mind. Thousands of consumers and businesses throughout the world trust the company to produce high-quality household appliances. This is done with extreme caution and attention, as well as professionalism. Panasonic's presence in every corner of the country ensures that consumers' needs are met, and they live safe and happy lives.

A fridge is a high-end consumer item, and it is very difficult to choose the proper size and style. The Panasonic fridge with side by side doors provide easy access, space, and enhanced cooling capacity. If you're looking to buy a new fridge, or need an AMC for one you already have, or need to repair it, the Panasonic side by side refrigerator service team can help you find the best solution.

A fridge breakdown can't be delayed. You’ll need to call the Panasonic fridge toll free number or Panasonic side by side refrigerator service team for immediate help if you want to save all those foodstuffs that are becoming warmer by the minute. So, what are you waiting for? Call the Panasonic side by side refrigerator service team right now to book an appointment. You may also request any Panasonic service with OneDios in a few clicks.

Breakdown Request

1. Breakage – Tray or Handle

If a fridge door handle or tray is broken or damaged, it should be replaced. Luckily, repairing and replacing a broken fridge handle or tray is simple.

2. Cooling Issues

You open your fridge on a hot summer afternoon, hoping to sip a glass of cool water. But your fridge is not cooling. What an awful thing! Excessive frost build-up on the evaporating coils, a broken compressor, or damaged condenser coils, among other things, might cause poor cooling. To resolve this concern, you must contact the Panasonic side by side refrigerator service team right away.

3. Freezing Issues

A refrigerator's purpose is to keep food cool for safe storage, not to freeze it. If your fridge is freezing food, it could be due to a variety of factors, including leaking door seals, low-temperature settings, inadequate food storage, and so on. This problem can be fixed with the help of a Panasonic side by side refrigerator service technician.

4. Internal Light Not Working

If the light on your fridge does not turn on, it is possible that the bulb has hit the end of its life and has blown out. Check the bulb to see whether it has a black patch or a broken and hanging filament. If the filament inside the bulb is damaged, you may hear a rattling noise when shaking the bulb.

5. Other Symptoms

Is your fridge giving you trouble? It's possible that it's nearing the decline stage if it's more than a decade old. Other problems that could occur include frost in the freezer, an overflowing ice maker, the fresh food compartment warming up, and so on. It is always better to call an expert in the case of any issue with the fridge. You can schedule a service call by dialing the Panasonic fridge toll-free number or by calling Panasonic side by side refrigerator service.

6. Water Leakage

A leak within the fridge is usually less serious than water on the kitchen floor. A blocked defrost drain is the most common cause of a fridge spilling water inside.


Q1. If I'm going away for a few months, should I unplug my fridge?

If you'll be gone for a month or less, we suggest you leave the fridge on. You can also keep the temperature controls at their default positions. If all of the food has been removed and you want to save electricity, you can set the temperature control to a warmer level while you're gone.

Q2. How long does it take a fridge to cool down?

The temperature inside a standard fridge can range from freezing to quite mild. This also depends on the size and location of the unit. While specific timings vary, the fridge may often reach a temperature suitable for storing food in 2 hours, and complete cooling takes 8 hours. If your fridge fails to cool, there may be a fault, so book a service call with the Panasonic side by side refrigerator service team or Panasonic customer care.

Q3. Why isn't the fridge cooling, but the freezer is?

When the fridge isn't cold but the freezer is, the issue is most likely due to one of the refrigerator's mechanisms failing to work properly. If you are also facing this issue, you can contact Panasonic side by side refrigerator service team or Panasonic fridge toll free number.