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Panasonic Microwave Service

In India, Panasonic manufactures and sells electrical gadgets and home appliances such as microwaves, a/c units, air purifiers, etc. The Panasonic microwave service team’s primary goal is to meet and exceed its customers' expectations. Because of its versatility and ease of use, the microwave oven has become a part of everyday life. The Panasonic microwave is an excellent choice because it has more pre-set options than the usual microwave.

A microwave's "time efficiency and simplicity" are substantial benefits. However, to keep your microwave oven in good working order, you need to clean it regularly. Food splatters and spills inside the oven collect microwave energy, requiring cleaning. The next time you use it, the efficiency of your appliance may be compromised, and germs may begin to grow. As a result, you can call the Panasonic microwave service team for thorough cleaning and repair service. Through OneDios, you can also book all Panasonic product-related concerns in less than 60 seconds.

Breakdown Request

1. Control Panel Problem

A faulty control panel is the most common cause of your microwave buttons not working. If only some of the buttons work after pressing them all, the control panel is likely broken and will need to be replaced because it is hard to repair. You can contact the Panasonic microwave service team for any repair issue.

2. Exhaust fan issue

If the microwave's exhaust fan fails and stops working, the problem could be with the exhaust fan motor, thermostat, or main control board. This requires contacting a Panasonic microwave service expert.

3. Improper heating

You may have a problem with the magnetron if your microwave does not heat. The unit may blow a fuse if the magnetron is defective, but all other functions may continue to work normally.

4. Locking issue

Many microwave control panels can be locked to prevent children from using them or gaining access to them. If you are facing any issues with the lock, you can contact the Panasonic microwave service team.

5. Noise issue

If your microwave makes an odd or loud buzzing noise, you may have an issue with the magnetron.

6. Not working

A blown main fuse is the most common cause of a microwave oven not working at all. If there is too much current flowing through the microwave main fuse, it will shut off the power.

7. Stopped working

It could just be a breaker or fuse if your microwave stopped working in the middle of cooking. Check your panel, if necessary, reset it, and try again. If the breaker trips again, there is a problem with the microwave, and you should turn it off. You need to fix this issue by contacting Panasonic microwave service team.

8. Turntable not turning

The glass tray support may be broken or ripped off if your microwave's turntable isn't working.

Installation Related

1. Demo Request

If you have purchased a new microwave and are unable to use it, the Panasonic microwave customer support expert will do the needful. They will explain to you step-by-step how to use it and various other modes that will enhance your experience.

2. New Product Installation

If you have recently purchased a new microwave and are unable to operate it, a Panasonic microwave service rep will assist you. They will show you how to use it step-by-step, as well as various other modes that will enrich your cooking experience.


Q1. After the cooking cycle is finished, the microwave oven's fan continues to run and the light remains on. Is that common?

Yes. Due to their higher wattage and regular use, commercial microwave ovens get hotter than household microwave ovens. After the cooking cycle, the fan will continue to run for roughly 30 to 60 seconds to cool the microwave parts. When the fan stops, the indicator will turn off.

Q2. How can I keep my microwave in good working order?

Using a moist towel and mild dish detergent, clean your microwave regularly. Make sure the air filter below the microwave door is clean and free of objects. You can clean the air filter with soapy water if it's removable. Wait until the air filter is completely dry before reinstalling it. You can also service your microwave by contacting the Panasonic microwave service team. Panasonic Customer Care

Q3. Is it safe to use a microwave without food inside?

Not at all. This can damage the electrical parts of the microwave. While the microwave is running, the food within absorbs energy. There's nothing to absorb the heat if there's nothing within the microwave. This can result in a fire and/or the magnetic coil being burnt out.