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Panasonic - Double Door Refrigerator

Panasonic - Double Door Refrigerator


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Panasonic Double Door Refrigerator Service

Panasonic is a world leader in the development of a wide range of electrical technologies. The double-door fridge is the centre of attraction in your house and kitchenette. Customers receive the greatest service from the Panasonic double door refrigerator service team.

The fridge is one of the most common home appliances, and the value of this gadget in your daily life can be felt even more when it breaks down. Food stored at freezing temperatures reduces the growth of bacteria, reducing the risk of food poisoning while retaining the nutrient value and flavour of the food. A fridge usually has a 15-year shelf life. However, parts of the fridge may break down, requiring fridge repair and upkeep.

If you have an issue with your fridge, contact the Panasonic double door refrigerator service team. In less than 60 seconds, you can also book a service call for any Panasonic product with OneDios.

Breakdown Request

1. Breakage – Tray or Handle

The handle and tray are essential for a fridge. However, the plastic-like nature of this declines over time, and pieces of it have cracked off and fallen to the ground.

2. Cooling Issues

An issue with the evaporator coils is the most common cause of a fridge that isn't cooling. Ice can build up on the coils over time, preventing them from working correctly. To fix the problem, defrost the coils if they are covered in ice.

3. Freezing Issues

Is everything in your fridge frozen? Your fridge may freeze due to several factors, including a high thermostat setting, filthy coils, damper issues, and so on. The Panasonic double door refrigerator service team can resolve this issue.

4. Internal Light not working

If your fridge’s light does not turn on, the bulb has most likely burned out.

5. Other symptoms

Other common fridge problems include a broken water dispenser, excessive noise, an increasing energy bill, etc. Any issue with the fridge needs to be fixed by an expert. Therefore, you should contact Panasonic double door refrigerator service team or the Panasonic fridge toll free number and raise a service call.

6. Water Leakage

A leaking fridge can be more than an irritation; it can also be a safety threat if the water makes the kitchen floor slippery.

Installation Related

1. De-installation request

The Panasonic double door refrigerator service team can help you with de-installation requests if you've recently purchased a new fridge.

2. Demo Request

If you have recently purchased a new fridge and are unable to use it, a Panasonic fridge customer service rep will help you. They will show you how to use it, as well as various other settings that will improve your experience.

3. Installation Request

Customers can request installation by calling the Panasonic customer care number or the Panasonic double door refrigerator service team. The expert will ensure that the new fridge works properly, and the customer will be able to use it soon after installation.

4. New Product Installation

It is advisable to take help from an expert for any new product installation. The Panasonic double door refrigerator service team will assist you in installing a new Panasonic product.


Q1. What's wrong with my ice maker?

A faulty ice maker motor could be the cause of the ice maker's inability to produce ice. A blocked water input valve is also a possibility.

Q2. Why should I seek the assistance of a fridge repair expert?

You'll need to hire an expert to find out what's wrong with your fridge. They are reliable and experienced people who have worked on a variety of fridge brands. In case of any issue related to service or repair, the Panasonic double door refrigerator service team will assist you in fixing your fridge.

Q3. Is a fridge capable of leaking gas?

Fridges contain harmful gases (though it's only a small amount) that can leak if the appliance develops a fault.