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Panasonic Air Purifier Service | Installation | Repair

Thanks to Panasonic's long-term dedication to improving indoor air quality, it has had a valuable effect on our lives. Panasonic Air Purifier Service has launched a novel idea called "One Stop Service." This gives their customers quick access to after-sales service. Furthermore, it promotes the "Customer First" approach.

Air purifiers can help to cleanse stale air, reducing the risk of health problems induced by indoor pollution. This can result in breathing problems, nerve issues, and worsening of asthma. Air purifiers of high quality remove a variety of indoor air pollutants, keeping us fit and healthy. Over time, air purifiers have become a vital part of daily life. Many particulate matters may be harmful to your health in the air you breathe. As a result, they must be serviced regularly.

The Panasonic air purifier service team offers the best solutions to its clients. They also deal with Panasonic appliance sales and service issues in India. If you need to service your air purifier, you can do so by raising a service ticket to Panasonic air purifier customer care. In less than a minute, OneDios also allows you to book a service call for any Panasonic complaint or query.

Repair Request

1. Abnormal Odor

Odors coming from your purifier could be a natural process. This also indicates that your filters need to be changed, or is a sign that something is wrong with your purifier. The type of odor you detect is important in determining whether or not you should act. It is advised to raise a service call with a Panasonic air purifier service team and get your air purifier checked.

2. Does not operate

There are only a few reasons why an air purifier won't work. There's an electrical or mechanical issue: the filter needs to be replaced; it's too tiny for the area; it's set too low, or it's very near to a wall.

3. Other symptoms

A Panasonic air purifier service team will resolve common issues such as unexpected noise, failure to turn on, and poor airflow, among others.

4. Stopped immediately

Your air purifier may have stopped working for several reasons, including a blocked filter, a broken motor, or a bad fitting.

Service Request

1. General servicing

Air purifiers can remove toxins from the air. Even though high-quality air purifiers are meant to last, you may have to service them on a regular basis. At least once every three months, the filter should be replaced. If you do not update them, you are only wasting energy. You can contact Panasonic air purifier service team for regular service and repair.



Q1. Is it necessary for me to sleep with the air purifier running?

Some may wonder if air purifiers have a positive impact on our sleep. Because air pollution does not go away when we sleep, the simple answer is that if you want to get the most out of your air purifier, it should be running in your bedroom while you sleep.

Q2. Where should I install my air purifier?

You should place an air purifier in your breathing zone. It is better to keep an it near your bed. This will provide you with constant access to clean air for several hours at a time. If you have any queries related to air purifier fitting, you can contact the Panasonic air purifier service team.

Q3. Is it possible to move my air purifier from one room to another?

You might be able to move your air purifier around as needed because most new air purifiers are lightweight and portable. This will ensure that you use the most suitable one for each place.