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With a diverse portfolio of fans, air coolers, geysers, and other household products, Orient is one of India's largest consumer electrical companies. Orient Customer Care is dedicated to satisfying customers by surpassing worldwide quality standards and guidelines. Its entire product line adheres to the brand promise of "switch to smart”. This means that each product is high-tech, aesthetically beautiful, and energy-saving.The company is proud of its R&D skill, constant innovation culture, and passion for producing modern lifestyle electric items. Its products suit the standards and needs of modern consumers.Orient has a massive network of service centres throughout India to provide you with the finest possible customer support. OneDios' tie up with Orient ensures the greatest service to your door. It is also the first platform in India that lets brands, original equipment manufacturers ("OEMs"), and their channel partners better understand their end consumers and empower them to provide better sales and ownership experiences.OneDios is an aggregator for customer service requests. You don’t have to look for Orient fan customer care or Orient geyser customer care anymore to raise a service call for an Orient fan complaint or geyser repair any more. In just a few simple steps, you can file a service call for an Orient complaint on OneDios.

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Orient Electric Customer Care:

In hot weather, air coolers are a great way to stay cool. They have a higher cooling capacity than fans. They also consume a lot less power, making them both environmentally friendly and economical to run.Air coolers are popular because of their efficiency, ease of use, low cost, and little upkeep. However, just like any other home appliance, they also require some servicing to improve performance and extend their lifespan.You can contact OneDios directly if you need help installing a new air cooler or if you have a service-related issue. Now you don't have to look for an Orient customer care number or an Orient toll free no. OneDios makes it easier to contact Orient online complaint in few steps.

Orient Geyser Customer Care:

A geyser is an essential part of many people's daily lives. It quickly heats the water, resulting in a soothing bath. Even surviving a day becomes hard in the event of a geyser failure, especially during the winter.There is no longer a need to contact the Orient call center or the Orient geyser customer care number if you are having problems with your geyser. You may now book a service in less than 60 seconds on the OneDios app. Our app provides a user-friendly, transparent platform for client service.

Q1. How long does an air cooler last?

Though the life of an air cooler varies depending on lots of factors, well-serviced units should last between 10 and 15 years. The life can be extended even further by performing regular checks and repairs. To service your air cooler, you can contact OneDios App. This will save you time and effort as you don’t have to look for an Orient complaint number or an Orient cooler customer care number.

Q2. Why is my air cooler producing current?

This is most likely due to the air cooler's poor grounding. You should get your air cooler checked immediately if you are facing this issue. OneDios will help you book a service call with a single click. There is also no need to look for an Orient toll free or an Orient customer care number.

Q3. Why does the water from my geyser smell so bad?

Sulfate bacteria, which can grow in the tank, are usually the source of this odour. This issue usually occurs when warm water is kept in the tank for a long period of time. This allows germs to grow in the water. Instead of looking for Orient gas geyser customer care or Orient electric complaints, you can contact OneDios for any repair or service work.

Q4. Is it possible to use an air cooler in the computer room?

It's fine to use a cooler as long as it doesn't create excess moisture in the room.

Q5. Is it possible to cool a room with an air cooler?

Yes, and most of them are pretty efficient in providing relief from the heat and moisture. With regular upkeep and service, it even works more effectively and lasts longer. You can book a service call on OneDios app for your Orient online complaint related to your air cooler.

L Lilesh

  • 19-Mar-2023


I Irfan

  • 14-Mar-2023

Geyser likegh


  • 05-Mar-2023

Gas geyser not working

M Mohammad rafi

  • 04-Mar-2023

Geyser fiteng

N Narender Kumarc

  • 28-Feb-2023

Gas geyser sarvice

N Naresh vallamsetty

  • 31-Dec-2022

Geyser cleaning

R Ramesh Bhatia

  • 29-Dec-2022

Not hot in time

M MD Nurullah Khan

  • 27-Dec-2022

Orient Company Service is Very very poor.I have lodged complain 5 days ago about my non operative Geyser but till date my problem have not solved . Please don't buy any product of Orient.

S Sobhakrishna

  • 22-Dec-2022

Orient :-This company could not provide any customer care services . So many times we maje call but there is no response.

S Sobhakrishna

  • 22-Dec-2022

Orient :-This company could not provide any customer care services . So many times we maje call but there is no response.