Onida Customer Care

Do you need to make an appointment to service your Onida product? In that case, you've found the right site. You will have a hassle-free experience with OneDios because you won't need to get in touch with Onida customer care.


Known for its smart TVs and colour CRT televisions, Onida is an Indian multinational firm based in Mumbai. G.L. Mirchandani and Vijay Mansukhani founded Onida in 1981. Onida began making televisions at their factory in Mumbai's Andheri neighbourhood in 1982. In 1981, it was founded as "Mirc Electronics." Onida has now developed into a multi-product business in the consumer items and appliance industry. The brand continually introduces goods that are the result of extensive consumer research.

Are You Searching For Onida Customer Care Number?

If you are looking for the Onida customer care number to book a service for your appliance, then OneDios got you covered! It will take seconds to raise a service request with OneDios and you don't need to contact Onida customer care as well!

Onida AC Customer Care

Onida AC customer care can help you with scheduling service for your appliance. However, the process is time taking and can often leave you frustrated. A better alternative is OneDios, wherein you can raise a request all by yourself. You can book a service either for split or window AC.

Onida Microwave Customer Care

If you are facing issues with your Onida microwave then you can use OneDios to rectify the problem. Plus point is that you do not have to contact Onida microwave customer care.

Onida Refrigerator Customer Care

If you are having trouble with your single-door refrigerator, then worry not! You can book a service with OneDios without contacting Onida refrigerator customer care . Also, you don't have to wait on long holds to complete your task.

Onida Television Customer Care

Onida is known for its television sets. The superior quality, strong built-in and aesthetically pleasing body make it one of the most popular brands. If you want to book an appointment for your Onida Smart LED TV or UHD 4K TV, then you don't have to call Onida television customer care. Instead, you can use OneDios for a quick and easy booking process.

Onida Washing Machine Customer Care

Onida offers different varieties of the washing machines. From front load washing machine to top load washing machine, each appliance gives a good performance. If you are experiencing any issues regarding your appliance, then you don't have to panic. Without calling Onida washing machine customer care, you can schedule a service using OneDios. Additionally, there are no lengthy holds required for you to register for your appliance.

Why OneDios?

OneDios gives you a platform in which you can register any complaint or book a service for your appliance. The benefits of using it are the following:

  • Quick: The platform only takes 60 seconds to book a service
  • Easy to use: OneDios has a user-friendly interface for a comfortable experience
  • 24×7 available: Unlike Onida customer care service, it is available 24×7

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why isn't my TV showing any pictures?

The most frequent explanation is that your TV is set to the incorrect input. By pressing the "input," "source," or "TV/Video" key on your TV remote, you can easily switch the input. To get your image back, keep pressing the button to loop through the inputs. If it doesn't work then you may require technical support. Use OneDios for booking an appointment without contacting Onida customer care.

Q2. Why won't my washing machine switch on?

A washing machine not starting can be caused by a variety of issues. There can be an issue with the main power switch, outlets, fuse, wiring, etc. Sometimes door locks can also cause this problem. You can use OneDios to get an authorized repairman to fix this issue.

Q3. What is the issue causing my microwave to not heat?

One of the most frequent issues with microwaves is their inability to heat objects. The most common cause of this problem is magnetron breakdown. To heat food, a magnetron generates microwave frequency using high voltage. The magnetron will burn out if the microwave is left on with nothing inside. Burned magnetrons cannot be fixed; they must be replaced. Other potential reasons for this issue include bad door switches, burned-out capacitors, defective diodes, and damaged transformers.

Q4. Why is my air conditioner leaking water?

Your air conditioner needs servicing if you notice water leaking from the inside unit. The condensate drain of the ac unit may become blocked by algae or fungi, which then allows water to back up the pipe and into your home. This is the likely cause of water leaks from an air conditioner. Your condensate pump may have fully failed and needs to be replaced, which is another potential cause of this AC issue.

Q5. Why is routine maintenance necessary for my refrigerator?

A mechanically locked compressor, a failing fan motor, and filthy condenser coils are the three most typical causes of failures that are observed as a consequence of wear and tear. To avoid such damage, regular maintenance is necessary.

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