OKIE Customer Care

Do you need to contact OKIE customer care to make a service appointment? Then you won't have to go through that stretched procedure. For prompt action, pick the service aggregator platform OneDios.


OKIE Electronics is an Indian subsidiary of Okie venture group, renowned for healthcare, gaming and manufacturing. For many years, the company has been an importer and factory integrator of smartphones, feature phones, led televisions, and sound systems. They are dedicated to offering customers cutting-edge, high-quality products with individual intellectual property rights. Its goal is to produce the best products possible while giving clients the most value possible. Okie is a well-known brand in India because of the company's quick growth since its establishment in 2011. It strives to offer the finest quality and service to our valued customers. Its high-quality Smart Led TVs have already made strides in the industry, drawing many new customers each month. The firm has also ventured into the gaming sector.

Are You Searching For The OKIE Customer Care Number?

Is the time it takes to look for the OKIE customer care number excessively lengthy? Have you already grown weary of this procedure? Are you trying to find a superior customer service option for OKIE? If so, OneDios is the perfect location for you! Utilize this platform to quickly request any service for a variety of appliances.

OKIE Customer Care

The traditional method of scheduling service for OKIE appliances is through OKIE customer care. You must have earlier utilised this technique if your device required maintenance or repairs. You may therefore be fully aware of its drawback! You begin the process by searching online for the OKIE customer care number. Additionally, you can get flooded with numbers! Finding the genuine one is difficult! After an extensive search, you eventually find the brand's phone number and contact them. You are, however, placed on hold for quite a while. After much waiting, you finally get to speak with a company representative. It must be tiring. So, why go with this process? Now you can register your issue on OneDios and get the service without much effort.

OKIE Customer Care For TV

OKIE electronics launched the OKIE LED TV series with Panel and Ultra Slim Bezel to complement the living area along with reinventing the visual delight. Thereby giving you a magnificence of portrayed details complemented by organically deeper blacks and intricate colour details thanks to a super active contrast ratio of 1M:1. If you are facing any issue with your device then don't contact OKIE tv customer care ! A wise idea is to go for OneDios.

Why OneDios?

OneDios is a portal where you can submit requests for various services for any device, as was already explained. The crucial query, nonetheless, is why you ought to utilize it as opposed to OKIE customer care. The reasons why you should think about this platform include the following:

  • Reliable: Since OneDios has established trust with numerous leading brands, like Daikin, Voltas, Panasonic, etc., many brands have partnered with it. For better after-sales service, OKIE customer care has joined with OneDios as well.
  • Quick: The platform needs no more than 60 seconds to raise a request. The task only takes a minute to complete, so you can do it wherever you like.
  • 24×7 Accessibility: This platform is adaptable, unlike OKIE customer care. You can raise any request anytime.


Q1. What benefits do smart TVs offer?

Since there are simply too many advantages to a smart TV, it is impossible to list them all. Here are a few benefits of purchasing a smart TV:

Q2. How to set up and use a smart TV?

Both setting up and using a smart TV are simple. Simply plugging it into the power and linking it to your home network is all that is required for setup. When everything is set up, using it is just as simple as using a regular TV or streaming gadget; in certain situations, you can even enjoy gaming and operate other electronics. You'll quickly notice that the alternatives for material are limitless due to your smart TV's potential, in addition to the high visual quality on your Television screen.

Q3. What are some drawbacks of using a Smart TV?

The negative aspects of smart TV are the following:

  • Security and privacy concerns: Nearly always linked to the internet, smart TVs can connect to other smart gadgets in your home as well. This makes the TV vulnerable to hacking. Additionally, if you use your smart TV to surf the web or conduct online business, any information you enter, such as passwords and credit card numbers, may be compromised by a third party.
  • Crash: Smart TVs occasionally freeze or crash, just like PCs do, because they are linked to so many other devices and carry out so many tasks at once. However, this problem seldom affects brand-new TVs, and the producers frequently release software upgrades to address it.
  • Internet dependence: One significant disadvantage of smart TVs is that they require an internet connection to stream the content you wish to watch. The consistency and speed of the wifi connection your smart TV is linked to also affect the streaming quality.