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O General, sometimes known as Fujitsu General, is a Japanese air-conditioning company based in Chennai. The skilled sales and service experts in O General customer care can help you with everything from product selection to installation and service. O General sells AC units and humidity control solutions in various markets under the General and Fujitsu brands. They offer a wide range of air conditioners, from windows to splits to cassettes, to meet the cooling demands of both residential and commercial customers. Their ACs have a lot of good qualities and a solid structure, making them one of the most popular brands for home cooling.

To remove pollutants, all major AC brands suggest annual servicing. O General customer care does not disappoint you during the hot summer months. Customers may book their AC service in less than a minute, thanks to O General's collaboration with OneDios. This will also assist you in maintaining and increasing the longevity of your air conditioner. Access to O General customer care is simple, easy, and within reach, with the availability of the OneDios app on Android and iOS platforms and a dynamic website. Furthermore, OneDios makes it simple to get in-warranty or out-of-warranty help. Customers can also buy extended warranties, or AMCs, directly from OneDios.

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O General AC customer care

You all know that humidity is more uncomfortable than heat. Mould and fungal growth and significant health issues can result from too much moisture, which is why an AC has become an essential part of your life. If an AC is not maintained correctly, it must work harder to achieve the same cooling results, increasing energy costs. An AC that fails often must almost certainly be replaced before its average lifespan expires. When you book or sign up for services with OneDios for O general AC complaint, you'll be informed when it's time for the next service. It also saves all of your previous AC service records and any parts that have been replaced. As a result, contacting O general AC customer care through OneDios is a cakewalk.

We at OneDios, provide you with an option to avail yourself of O General customer care services like breakdown, servicing, extended warranty, and installation. You need to remove your air conditioner and install it somewhere else, don't worry-contact OneDios to get the O General AC De-installation service done. Whether you want an O General AC installation or an AC service done or are relocating, you can register your O General AC Installation, O General AC Reinstallation, or O General AC Repair Service with OneDios.

FAQs about O General Customer Care:

Q1. The outdoor unit is dripping with water. Is this normal?

Finding a little puddle of water under your AC's external unit is standard. When the AC works overtime in humid and warm weather, moisture is more likely. Contact O General AC customer care through OneDios for AC repair if the dripping continues for several days.

Q2. What is the best location for installing a split AC’s exterior unit?

You should install your split AC in a safe, dry, and well-ventilated place. Place the AC far from your rooms. If you are concerned about the split AC installation, OneDios is always at your service. Raise a service request with O General AC customer care through the OneDios app.

Q3. Why does the air from my AC smell?

When your AC starts to smell, it usually takes in leftover odours from the room, such as smoke and paint, and returns them, along with cool or warm air, back into the room.

Q4. Is it necessary to service a split AC regularly?

When it comes to how often a split AC should be serviced, the answer is at least once a year. Customers can book an O General AC complaint online using the OneDios app without any problem.

Q5. Whom should I call if the AC goes off suddenly?

Please get in touch with the OneDios app for O General AC service, repair, or installation needs. It’s never been so easier to book an AC service request before.

Q6. Is the OneDios service portal available 24*7?

Since our portal runs 24*7, you can make an appointment for services like installation, breakdown, servicing, and extended warranty anytime on the OneDios app.

Q7. How to register a complaint on O General customer care from the OneDios app?

You can complain to O General customer care in just six clicks from your phone. Download the OneDios app, open the website, and click the “Book Service” button. Select the product type from the appliances category section (AC, air purifier, refrigerator, etc.) for which you want to avail of the service. Please select O General from the brand options. Mention the issue in the appliance you want to get fixed. Fill in your address, choose the appointment date at your convenience, and register your complaint.