NVY Customer Care

Do you find scheduling service by contacting NVY customer care a difficult task? Are you someone who doesn't like to talk to service reps? Then OneDios is a boon for you! You can raise any service request on this platform without phoning anyone.


NVY is a Bangalore-based TV manufacturing company. It develops a variety of TVs built with superior quality. The company sees its skilled staff as its most valuable resource since they are constantly encouraged to perform above and beyond for clients. NVY has also made sure the products are of great quality and affordable for the general people. Since after services are an essential part of customer happiness, the firm is also focusing on enhancing NVY customer care services. All of this has elevated NVY to a position of market dominance and greatly enhanced its credibility.

Are You Searching For The NVY Customer Care Number?

Do you need a service for your NVY TV? Do you feel exhausted to even look up the legit NVY customer care number? Then, use OneDios, a service request aggregator which doesn't require you to contact anyone.

NVY Customer Care

NVY customer care helps in taking care of the customers to maximize their enjoyment of their interactions with NVY, as well as their happiness with the goods, services, and brand. It makes sure that consumers are looked after, that their needs are heard, and that they are assisted in finding the best answer rather than merely completing a sale. To improve its services, NVY customer care has partnered with OneDios. The platform lets you book any service in just a few seconds!

NVY Customer Care For TV

NVY has come up with multiple models of televisions. All have features like good connectivity to the internet as well as other devices, web browsing, online music and video streaming and more. If you are facing any issue with your TV then you can place a service request via NVY customer care. If you want a quick alternative then use OneDios.

Why OneDios?

On the service-aggregator platform OneDios, a request can be made in just 60 seconds. As mentioned earlier, NVY customer care has teamed up with OneDios to offer clients improved customer care services. The platform is therefore enhancing NVY's brand-customer relationship. Users can make requests at any time with OneDios, which makes the booking procedure more flexible for different clients. Additionally, contact is no longer necessary. Users do not need assistance to begin the service booking procedure using the user-friendly interface. OneDios offers in-app purchases for various equipment protection plans in addition to these features. Consumers can also keep invoices and licenses for appliances. Since it is quite hard for a customer to remember every small thing in a busy schedule, this platform gives regular notifications for the products' servicing. So, that users don't miss out on it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What advantages do smart TVs provide?

The primary advantage of a smart TV is having limitless access to channels that provide TV shows, movies, and other types of entertainment without having to link a TV antenna or money for cable or satellite connections. You can view suitable media files on your PC, play games online, and surf the internet using smart TVs. Any smart TV model can readily be found by performing a web search. Additionally, you should be informed that some websites decide to restrict access from specific devices or alter how the material looks on other platforms, including smart TVs.

Q2. What should I do if the TV picture is skipping?

You can try the following to address this issue:

  • Disable the interpolation of motion. Motion interpolation is a function that raises the video's frame rate to suit the TV's refresh rate. If it fails to work, the image may appear bad and the frames may drop.
  • Try utilising various playback sources, such as various streaming services or an additional DVD. Frequently, the issue is with the source rather than the DVD.

If you are still not able to rectify the issue, then it is best to schedule a service with a technician and the best way to do it is to use OneDios rather than NVY customer care.

Q3. What should you do if the skin tones on your TV screen look off?

Try the following setting if your TV screen does not display the right skin tone:

  • Restore the default settings for colour space and white balance. You must be able to supply the greatest picture possible if you know how to tune the TV.
  • Use various colour temperatures and tones as desired.
  • Utilize various picture modes. Again, modify these to suit your tastes.

Q4. Why can't I stream 4K content to my 4K TV?

  • Check to see if the service or subscription supports 4K streaming. Some videos, like those on YouTube, may have a resolution setting; make sure it is set to 4K.
  • Ensure you have enough bandwidth on both your wireless connection and your internet service (usually at least 25 Mbps). It will take some time to get a proper 4K image if your internet is slow.

You can take the manufacturer's assistance if the able solution doesn't give you a solution.

Q5. What to do if the voice control on the TV remote isn't working?

  • For the voice control to function, the remote frequently has to be linked through Bluetooth. Ensure that Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Ensure that the remote has enough batteries.
  • Be near the television. It might not work if you are too far away.
  • Make contact with the manufacturer's assistance.