Morphy Richards Customer Care

A globally acclaimed European brand known for creating electronic appliances that encompass superior services both in terms of design and technology, Morphy Richards came into being in the year 1936 and has been creating products that are synonymous with comfort and great functionality ever since. The brand offers a vast variety of electronic appliances and personal care products under various categories. Morphy Richards aims to be a revolution in this era of modernism by contributing to their consumers’ convenience and enabling them to add that missing touch of elegance to their modern and impeccably well-furnished homes and this mission is exactly what drives their team in creating the magic that they do. Every modern household has some ever-expanding demands and needs and for that, it deserves Morphy Richards household appliances that make things possible just in the matter of a quick flash.

In India, Morphy Richards’ marketing, as well as their services, are being undertaken by another one of India’s top-notch electronic brands, Bajaj Electrical Ltd. This ensures you the trust and services of two brands that stand up for superior quality and advanced technology in the ever-increasing electronic appliance market.

Morphy Richard Products

The numerous products that have made their way into the catalog of Morphy Richards include the following:

  • Morphy Richards Coffee makers
  • Morphy Richards Pop up toasters
  • Morphy Richards Water Heaters
  • Morphy Richards Electric cooker
  • Morphy Richards Electric kettles

And a host of many other home appliances

Morphy Richards Customer Service

Are you worried about finding the Morphy Richards Customer service number? Is the customer service taking irresponsive? Then let OneDios be the solution for all your worries. Being the only platform for all services and brands under one roof, it would surely let you avail a great user experience. OneDios provides you with ultimate support pertaining to all your home appliances easily and quickly.

Morphy Richards Cassette AC Customer Care

Morhphy Richards is one of the rarest brands that offer the aesthetic yet so portable Cassette AC with unique design and high functionality. Like any other AC, Cassette AC too needs regular maintenance service. OneDios provides the quickest customer care service for Morphy Richards.

Morphy Richards Split AC

Morphy Richard Split AC offers aesthetic design, higher reliability and quick cooling as per your body needs. However Morphy Richards Split AC asks for regular maintenance and service for which OneDios can be your best friend.

Morphy Richards Window AC Customer Care

The old-school window AC experience is nostalgic and highly effective at the same time. Morphy Richards’ Window AC are perfect for living rooms and big size bedrooms with silent functioning and higher cooling. However, its regular servicing might look like a lot of hassle but not anymore. Request your service with OneDios in less than a minute.


1.   Are Morphy Richards products BPA Free?

Yes, wherever possible, our products are made out of BPA-free materials.

2.  My soup maker’s base has soup on the base. How can I clean it?

You can clean it by using a non-scratch scourer.

3.  Why is my toaster cooking bread unevenly?

In order to achieve uniform cooking of bread, we suggest you to wait for a minimum of 30 seconds between each toasting so that the control can be automatically reset.

4.  What to do in case the toaster’s power is shorting?

In such a situation, please turn the toaster upside down and shake aggressively in case something is stuck.

5.  I broke my kettle’s filter, where can I find a new one?

We at Morphy Richards sell kettle filters directly and will have them delivered straight to you. Refer to the spare parts page on our website for further instructions on how to order.

6.  What is the warranty on my Morphy Richards appliance?

The details of your warranty can be found in your owner's manual or alternatively on the product page on the website. We recommend you to register your product after purchasing it to help reduce time if there are any issues.

7.  I lost my manual. Where can I get myself a new one?

Morphy Richards manuals are easily available on our website. The Product Downloads page contains both current and previous models that can be downloaded, alternatively, all current product pages also have the product manual available to download.

8.  What if my appliance turns out to be faulty?

For faulty appliances, firstly ensure you have referred to your owner's manual and performed any troubleshooting following the steps further down this page. If this hasn't resolved the problem and the fault remains, check that your product is within the warranty period and return it to the place of purchase along with your receipt.