Mellerware Customer Care

About Mellerware

Known to the world as the original brand of Creative Housewares, Mellerware is the largest South African brand with expertise in small appliances. These appliances are curated with advanced technologies and innovative design to make it easier for you to carry out daily household chores like cooking, cleaning, beverage making, heating, and cooling.

Ever since the brand was established in 1982, its products have witnessed tremendous growth in strength and are dominating umpteen categories, as indicated in independent GFK reports. Mellerware has stood out among a sea of electronic appliance brands due to its innovative concepts and the design and value that it offers its customers with the products it makes.

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Mellerware Ceiling Fan Customer Care

Mellerware Ceiling Fans are the perfect appliances for you to refresh the spaces around you at considerably low energy consumption and without burning a hole in your pocket. This helps reduce temperatures in the scorching summer heat, circulate the heat evenly in winter, and avoid the drying out of the environment. Therefore, if you own any of the models in this product range and need to get it serviced, hop onto the OneDios website and get yourself an appointment booked for the Mellerware Ceiling Fan Customer Care only in a matter of seconds.

Mellerware Iron Customer Care

Wearing bright and wrinkle-free clothes would not be a troubling task with the easy-to-use and convenient Mellerware irons. These energy-efficient irons come in a wide variety of options for you to choose a model as per your requirements. If you face any issue with your product, you should immediately avail of the Mellerware Iron Customer Care service through OneDios by a simple and easy procedure.

Mellerware Room Heater Customer Care

Easy to carry, overheat protection, and options for cool, warm, and hot air selection; aren't these the top features you would look for while purchasing a room heater? Well, if your answer to that question is a yes, Mellerware Room Heaters are going to blend into your space seamlessly. If your product gives you any troublesome experience, you can tune into OneDios and book the Mellerware Room Heater Customer Care service to get all issues sorted!

Frequently Asked Questions

What safety instructions should I follow while using the Mellerware steam iron?

Following are the safety measures you should consider while operating the Mellerware steam iron:

  • The mellerware steam iron must be used on a stable surface.
  • When placing the appliance on its stand, ensure that the stand's surface is stable.
  • Please do not leave the appliance unattended while connected to the mains.
  • Keep it away from the children.
  • Do not use the appliance if it has been dropped if visible signs of damage or leaks.

How can I cancel my order on the Mellerware website?

If you want to cancel your order, you can do it from "My Account," then "My orders," then select your order, and finally opt for "Cancel my order."

Our team will receive all the necessary information to cancel it and refund it.

When do I receive the refund for my order?

Once the product has arrived at our warehouses and we confirm that the item is in the state that you have previously indicated, we will notify you as soon as we initiate the refund of the amount of your order.

It depends a bit on your bank, but calculate a term of 3-4 calendar days to see the movement reflected in your bank account since you received the notification. If after that period you have not received anything, let us know!

Can discounts be applied to the products that are under sale?

Discount coupons are neither cumulative nor can they be applied to products on sale or with a discount applied to the original price.

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