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A Alvaro Da Costa Varela

  • 2022-08-13

asking for you company return all $ money A.S.A.P. TO MY MASTER CARD. MY NAME AND ADRESS ;Alvaro DA COSTA VARELA,ZDCRESS =106-3111 ASH STGREE VANCOUVER BC V5Z3Y4 CANADA CELL.#2365180070.AS WELL REQUEST TO BE INFORM FORMALITY TO RETURN ALL THE 4 BOTLE OF MaxPurethat have receve-'Date=06/12/2022--Ref.#17981221 and date =-08/01/2022-Ref#=18264781.. My lawaer and master card are been inform and ask to gtake,if necessary ACTION AGAINST YOUR COMPANY. REGARD. Alvaro cda Costa Varela