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Mahindra is a federation of companies established in India in 1945. Its headquarters is situated in Mumbai, India. From the Information Technology sector to the hospitality industry, the company has left a mark in many domains. One such domain is the automobiles sector, where Mahindra works under the name of Mahindra & Mahindra and has a widespread presence. It has launched India's first utility vehicle. Its vehicles are popular due to their durability, fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness. These vehicles are the safest in India. Mahindra was the first manufacturer in India to introduce an automobile, including a Common Rail Diesel Engine. The CRDe was first offered in the Scorpio in 2005. Mahindra started its steel trading firm in collaboration with UK suppliers. The company's first business was with Mitsubishi Corporation in 1950, when it delivered 5000 tonnes of wagon building plates from Yawata Iron & Steel. The Mahindra Group has a long history of philanthropy and volunteer work. It is a prominent player in the Indian Corporate Social Responsibility arena, having received the Pegasus Award for CSR in 2007. The company's CSR arm, The KC Mahindra Trust, is the primary vehicle for Mahindra's philanthropy. The firm offers excellent Mahindra customer care services for its different products. Great after-sales services and several other factors make for the brand's name across continents.

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Mahindra Diesel Car Customer Care

Diesel cars use internal combustion engines. They work via compression-ignited injection systems. The fuel efficiency of diesel vehicles is substantially higher than other vehicles. Mahindra offers multiple variations of diesel cars that customers can choose according to their requirements and budgets. When properly maintained, a diesel engine can endure for up to 30 years. Therefore, regular servicing is the key to the longer life expectancy of your vehicle and looking for the Mahindra customer care number online is a long-gone process. Instead, use OneDios for a better result in just a few seconds.

Mahindra Petrol Car Customer Care

Petrol cars are commonly used vehicles in India. Their lower range, lower fuel price and less maintenance attracts many people. Additionally, the cars can be converted to CNG vehicles as well. All these features are enough to buy petrol cars, and Mahindra has a wide range of petrol cars with different features and price ranges. If you are looking for the Mahindra customer care number for booking a service, then use OneDios, where it will take only 60 seconds for raising a service request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What will happen if you don't get regular car servicing?

There will be a significant decrease in the lifespan of your automobile if it is not properly maintained at the necessary time intervals as specified in the car handbook.

Q.2 How can you maintain your Mahindra vehicle at home?

Some tips for maintaining your Mahindra vehicle are mentioned below:

  • Check and change the engine oil regularly
  • Regular cleaning of your car
  • Periodically check tyres and wheel alignment
  • Check the battery regularly
  • Look for vibration and odd sound
  • Examine brake fluid regularly
  • Do not overweight the car

Q.3 What is the warranty period of Mahindra Thar?

Mahindra Thar comes with a warranty of one year for unlimited kilometres.

Q.4 What does the Mahindra car warranty include?

All new automobile warranties usually cover the mechanical and electrical components. Certain items that are prone to wear, such as brake pads, clutch and pressure plates, bulbs, and rubber parts such as pipes, are exempt from warranty since they are subject to normal wear and tear. You can claim the warranty anytime when your vehicle stops without your own fault.

Q.5 Is it wise to go for an extended auto warranty?

If you are thinking of using your vehicle for a long time, then opting for an extended warranty is a great idea. Even though it comes at a higher cost, it might save you a lot of money in the long run or assist you in selling your automobile.

Q.6 When can you purchase an extended auto warranty?

You can purchase it between the time of buying your car and the expiration of your vehicle's original warranty. However, the sooner you buy it, the lower the price you will pay. You can buy an extended auto warranty by either contacting Mahindra customer care or via OneDios.

Q.7 Is third-party liability insurance required?

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, third-party insurance, often known as "act-only" insurance, is a legal necessity for all vehicle owners. It is a form of insurance policy that protects the insured against damage to a third-party vehicle, personal property, and bodily injury.

Q.8 In the event of a product or service inquiry, whom should you contact?

You can call the Mahindra customer care number for any inquiry. However, this is a time taking process, so instead, you can use the OneDios site or app for quick response.

Q.9 In India, how long can an automobile be used?

In India, the RTO has established laws for scrapping outdated automobiles. Cars older than 15 years are not allowed to be used, according to the rules. It is possible to transfer them to a new state for re-registration, although it is inconvenient. Instead, scrapping the vehicle is a better option.

Q.10After 15 years, should you still use obsolete vehicles?

If a commercial vehicle or a passenger vehicle over 15 or 20 years old fails the fitness and emission tests, it must be scrapped. Additionally, after 15 years of service, government agencies will be required to surrender their vehicles.


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