Lumx Customer Care

Are you looking for Lumx customer care to schedule a service for your appliance? Then, OneDios got you covered with its quick and effortless process.


A diversified financial services firm named LumX Group Limited is dedicated to providing total turn-key investment and risk assessment solutions to a large institutional clientele. A subsidiary of this group, i.e., Lumx deals with consumer durables. It manufactures a wide range of products like ACs, TVs, washing machines and more. With Lumx ACs' unique features, such as a two-way swing, which distributes the flow of air in the AC horizontally by releasing the air vane, many homes may experience cooling throughout the summer heat. Likewise, the different appliances of Lumx come with a variety of features that make your life more comfortable.

Are You Searching For The Lumx Customer Care Number?

Do you still look for the Lumx contact information? Contacting customer service isn't the greatest option due to difficulties locating the correct number and long hold times! By submitting a service request to OneDios in under a minute, you can switch to using it to resolve your issues. It is efficient, dependable, and trouble-free.

Lumx Customer Care

To assist you in scheduling service for your Lumx device, you can call Lumx customer service. It is the traditional way to make a service reservation. The company has a separate workforce and is committed to taking up consumer queries. However, customers are placed on long hold because there is typically not enough staff to handle all of the inquiries at once. As a result, many customers find it bothersome when they have to contact Lumx customer care to schedule a service. With OneDios, you now have a smarter option. It is a channel for making 60-second requests for numerous companies.

Lumx AC Customer Care

Customers can choose from a variety of ACs from Lumx. They provide efficient cooling results, useful designs, and more. If you own their AC, you may be familiar with all of its characteristics. You can schedule a demonstration by a certified brand expert if you are unaware of them. A service like that demands rapid attention. Therefore, calling Lumx AC customer care will never be successful. The best thing you can do is submit a demo request through OneDios. You will receive the service on the stated day in about 60 seconds. You can submit requests for installation, repair, or removal in addition to demo requests.

Why OneDios?

OneDios is a platform that aggregates many types of requests. You will not need distinct apps for each manufacturer because your home must contain a variety of equipment. The OneDios app makes it easy to submit requests for 500+ brands. Additionally, installing this app is not necessary; you can submit any requests as soon as possible on their official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are a few of the prominent issues with Lumx air conditioning?

Some of the most prevalent AC-related problems are limited cooling, leaks, pounding and snapping noises, a faulty remote control, and very high utility bills. They happen as a result of internal dysfunction. Physical harm can result in a variety of problems. You must consider routine servicing if you want to prevent these issues. Moreover, you can book a service through OneDios without contacting Lumx customer care if you are encountering such an issue.

Q2. Why shouldn't I turn on the AC all day long?

Your energy costs will increase significantly if you continuously run your air conditioner. Since it consumes a substantial amount of energy, letting your AC unit on all the time will significantly raise your electricity cost. The life of your air conditioner might be shortened by prolonged utilization. Operating your ac unit constantly will speed its deterioration, which, by the way, happens to all devices over time. Your air conditioner will last longer, though, if you just use it when necessary.

Q3. How can I keep the quality of my air conditioner?

Your cooling system can be maintained in a variety of ways that are both affordable and easy. Here are a few of them:

  • Once a month, change the filter to get rid of dirt and other contaminants. It will support keeping your filters operating at peak efficiency.
  • Cleaning coils frequently will help keep your AC from being overworked.
  • Check the state of the fins' operation frequently. Insufficient airflow may be caused by the fins bending.
  • To maintain the performance of your air conditioner, schedule routine maintenance.

Q4. Why are split AC units better than window AC?

The main advantage of split ac is its ability to be installed almost anywhere without blocking windows or natural light. Since its condenser unit is outside, the indoor unit only makes a minor amount of noise (about 50 dB) within the conditioned area. It offers air circulation, which leads to a uniform cooling of the complete space.

Q5. When should an AC unit be replaced?

If you maintain your ac unit in fine order over its entire life, expect to need a substitute in about 10-15 years. Remember that as your air conditioner ages, its mechanical components may eventually become unavailable or outdated. You will be required to buy a new unit if you can't replace a faulty component. Additionally, if the electricity bill of your AC is way more than usual then it's time to replace it. Another indicator is frequent breakdowns of your appliance.