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LG Window AC Service

LG Window AC service is all about taking care of your appliance's needs. OneDios provides you with all types of services that you will need during the lifespan of your appliance. Many models of LG Window AC come with dual inverter technology, for quick cooling. These appliances are quite efficient in their operation. As they are energy efficient and eco-friendly products, they will help you in saving money. They are equipped with HEPA filters. These air conditioners have other features as well. You can maintain these features easily with the help of regular servicing. However, contacting LG AC customer care takes longer than usual. Instead, you can use OneDios for quick services.

Types Of Requests In OneDios

OneDios offers different requests under the LG Window AC service. This will help OneDios in understanding your exact needs and it will provide you services accordingly. These features make the platform better than LG AC customer care. Various requests are explained below:

Service Request

The service request under the LG Window AC service offers general servicing of your appliance. To avail of the services, you can simply select general servicing under service request.

1. General Servicing

The general servicing of your AC includes cleaning and maintenance of your appliance. It is also accompanied by an inspection of different parts and components of your AC.

Installation Related

Installation-related requests comprise issues faced mostly with the set-up and uninstallation of a new product. Unlike LG AC customer care, it does not take more than a minute to raise an installation-related request via OneDios. You only have to select the option your appliance needs and submit the request.

1. De-Installation Request

You can utilise an OneDios de-installation request to uninstall your appliance if you are no longer using it.

2. Demo Request

Demo requests can be availed when you need a demonstration of your appliance. A professional will show varied features and working of LG Window AC.

3. Installation Request

Installation requests provide a technician who can set up the appliance in your place.

Breakdown Request

Breakdown requests deal with issues that affect the working of your appliance. These issues could be anything that deviates from the normal functioning of your appliance. So if you are facing such issues then you can raise a breakdown request in OneDios without contacting LG AC customer care.

1. Abnormal Noise

An abnormal noise may arise from damaged components. It is best to get your appliance checked by a technician who will then resolve the problem.

2. Does Not Heat Or Cool

If your LG Window AC is not able to perform heating or cooling take then it might indicate a problem with the thermostat. Sometimes, it could also be a case of low voltage. So, you can check this as well before booking a service.

3. Does Not Operate

When your appliance is not operating then you must go for technical support. Also, it is quite difficult to detect the real cause behind this issue without inspecting the appliance, so it is better to opt for a technician.

4. Gas leak

A gas leak can severely affect the working of your appliance. It is therefore recommended to opt for servicing immediately.

5. Other Symptoms

If your LG Window AC is showing some other problems that are not given under the breakdown request, then you can select this option.

6. Sometimes Stops

If your appliance sometimes stops working, you can opt for LG Window AC service with a breakdown request.

7. Water Leakage

Water leakage may arise due to multiple problems. It is better to get your appliance checked for the right solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What are the advantages of using OneDios for servicing as compared to LG AC customer care?

OneDios gives you the advantages like:

  • No need to call LG AC customer care
  • Takes only 60 seconds
  • 24 hours availability

Q.2 What is the ideal place for LG Window AC installation?

The placing of your AC is important for a longer lifespan and better efficiency. You must place your appliance under a shady window area, protected from fire to sunlight.

Q.3 Should I cover my LG Window AC during winters?

It is best to keep it covered as the snow and leaves may accumulate on the surface of your AC. If you don't cover your unit in extremely snowy areas, the ice build-up will eventually damage the coils. Furthermore, do not buy an airtight cover that prevents airflow.

Q.4 When should a window air conditioner's filter be replaced?

If you don't have any allergies, you should change these every three months, however, AC experts suggest every 45 days for maximum effectiveness. Make sure you have the proper size and kind of air filter when you replace them.

Q.5 When can I change my old air conditioner?

Preferably, you should do so before your present system breaks down and you are forced to make a hasty decision about a replacement. Fortunately, there are a few indicators that it's time to start considering your options:

  • Your unit is over 10 years old,
  • It's not catching up with your needs
  • You've observed a great increase in your operating costs
  • It requires regular refrigerant refills.