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LG Washer Dryer Service

One of India’s most popular electronic brands, LG, curates products that make it more comfortable and fun for you to carry out all those household chores that would seem dull otherwise. As a brand, LG intends to enhance the life of its customers and clientele by imbibing innovative technologies in its services. The company follows the mantra “Life’s Good” by creating new and memorable experiences for its customers. LG was established in the year 1947 and had its headquarters in Seoul. The brand offers numerous electronic products, including refrigerators, air conditioners, microwaves, etc.

LG’s Washer Dryer could prove to be a saviour for you if you are looking for a comfortable and efficient cleaning experience while still being short on space. These washer dryer combos serve you with just the proper amalgamation of power and technology to make laundry a more accessible, quicker and better task for you.

Are you searching for the LG Customer Care number?

Is your LG Washer Dryer in dire need of a quick yet excellent maintenance session? Are you currently searching for LG customer care numbers to avail yourself of the LG customer care service? If you resonate with this situation, we have the perfect solution for you. Tune into the OneDios website and get your hands on the LG customer care number right away!

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LG Washer Dryer Breakdown Request

1. Draining problem

This issue occurs quite commonly because of a clogged drain hose or the pump being broken. In this case, you can register a complaint using the LG complaint number.

2. Drum issue

The drum of your washer-dryer might not be in proper working condition due to overloading or uneven wash load. Get this issue checked with the LG customer care service!

3. Drying problem

You might be facing drying issues with your washer-dryer due to factors like the condenser being faulty, the condenser being clogged with dirt or a problem with the drying fan. Fix this issue using the LG complaint number right away!

4. Not working

The washer-dryer might not be in proper working condition due to a possible blockage in the pump filter or drain hose. You can get your washer-dryer checked through the LG customer care service.

5. Other symptoms

Your washer-dryer might show some other symptoms, such as too much noise or the fan being broken down, which might indicate that your washer dryer is in dire need of a good maintenance session. Put the LG complaint number to use and avail of service immediately.

6. Water leakage

This is a common problem caused due to the hoses being excessively corroded or rusted. Get this problem sorted by registering a complaint on the LG complaint number.

LG Washer Dryer Installation Request

1. Demo request

Are you planning to get your hands on the LG washer-dryer and want to get yourself a demo service booked? If the answer to that question is a yes, the demo request can be availed of through the LG washer-dryer installation request by using the LG toll-free number.

2. New Product Installation request

Have you bought the LG washer-dryer recently and want to get it installed seamlessly in your space? If yes, book yourself a service on the LG toll-free number with the new product installation request under the LG washer-dryer Installation Request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the purpose of tub cleaning?

Tub Cleaning helps in better maintenance of the washer-dryer & keeps your washer dryer all clean, free of odours & provides a better wash quality. If the issue persists, you can get your washer dryer checked by contacting customer service at LG.

Q.2 What are the possible reasons behind the occurrence of IE errors?

The probable reasons for your washer-dryer undergoing IE errors could be the water tap being in the off condition, blockage of the inlet filter, and low water pressure. Put the LG washer dryer customer care number to know more about this topic.

Q.3 What is the reason behind noise issues in my washer dryer?

The noise issues in your washer-dryer may be caused due to overloading of the washtub, washing of heavy and light clothes together, imbalance of the washer-dryer, or clogging of pins or coins in the washer. If you continue facing any issues regarding these noises, you can get your washer dryer checked with the customer service LG.

Q.4 Why does my washer dryer have foul odours?

Odours in your washer-dryer could result from a non-ventilated washer drum after a wash cycle ends. The water accumulated on the drum surface produces a foul smell after a while. Therefore, the machine’s lid should be kept open after every wash until it is thoroughly dried to prevent odours. Use the LG washer dryer customer care number to know more about this.

Q.5 What could be the possible issue behind the rise of power issues in my washer dryer?

The power issues in your washer dryer could have been caused due to a loose plug of the washer-dryer, the switchboard button being off or no electricity supply on the power board. If you still face any issues, please contact customer service at LG.