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LG Microwave Service

LG microwave service in OneDios provides different types of services that your appliance may require during its lifetime. LG provides a range of options with microwaves, namely convection microwave, charcoal convection microwave, inverter microwave and grill/solo microwave. LG Convection Microwave Ovens are equipped with cutting-edge smart technology that will revolutionise the way you cook while also simplifying your life. Charcoal convection microwave gives healthy cooking food. They are equipped with an auto-book recipe for thirty dishes. Inverter microwave comes with smart inverter technology that allows you to reheat and thaw a diverse food with laser precision. Grill/solo microwaves come with only heating options but with a grill option as well. It will give you more variety while cooking. You can cook a range of things that microwaves couldn't before because of the accurate temperature control. All the models of LG microwaves have a compact design with a larger capacity. They are known for their sleek as well as minimalistic appearance. They add a more polished look to your kitchen. You may face an issue with your appliance that a technician can easily resolve. Conventionally, you need to contact LG microwave customer care to book such services. But now you can book it with the OneDios site/app. It gives you an additional benefit of different service requests for a particular appliance and you don't need to know the LG microwave customer care number. As the whole process is quick and you can book a service at any time, this platform outperforms the conventional LG microwave customer care.

Types Of Requests In OneDios

OneDios has two types of request types for LG microwave service - breakdown requests and installation-related requests. You have to select one of them while raising a request. If your appliance is not working properly then you can select the breakdown request, while if you face a problem with the installation or working of the microwave then you can select the installation-related request. This feature helps in sorting the requests and gives you convenience. It makes OneDios better than LG microwave customer care. The two types of requests for your appliance are briefly explained below:

Breakdown Request

If any component of your LG microwave is damaged, then you can book a breakdown request in OneDios. The application will let you raise your request in 60 seconds only. This speed is far better than the long holds of LG microwave customer care. You may come across the following issue with your product:

1. Control Panel Problem

If your control panel has some problem, then it hampers the working of buttons. This problem won't let you start the cooking process of your food. So, it is important to opt for repair or replacement services. You can get it with a breakdown request from OneDios.

2. Exhaust Fan Issue

A clogged grease filter stops the working of the exhaust fan. These filters catch the fat or oil present in the food. It prevents clogging of the exhaust fan. Therefore, these filters need regular replacement. Raise a breakdown request for the replacement.

3. Improper Heating

A damaged magnetron could be the cause of a non-heating microwave. The magnetron can produce heat inside the microwave, and a faulty magnetron can blow a fuse, leading subsequent microwave operations to malfunction. So, get your appliance checked by a professional for a solution to improper heating.

4. Locking Issue

If you are facing a locking issue with your LG microwave, then you can unlock it. The L indicator, often known as the lock icon, should be removed from the display. If the controls are still not functioning, try disconnecting the microwave for 2-3 minutes to reset it. Replace the microwave's power supply and try to use it again. If any of these things do not work, then raise a breakdown request for technical support.

5. Noise Issue

If your LG microwave is producing abnormal sound, then it could indicate multiple problems. You can solve this noise issue with a breakdown request. A technician will check your appliance for the flaws and then resolve them.

7. Other Symptoms

If your appliance does not show any symptoms mentioned under the breakdown request, then select this option to solve the issue that your appliance is showing. You don't need to know the LG microwave customer care number for raising the request.

8. Turntable Not Turning

Damaged glass tray support can result in malfunctioning of the turntable. It can either be stripped off or cracked. You can raise a breakdown request for a skilled technician who can inspect the turntable of your LG microwave to detect the issue and its correct solution.

Installation-Related Request

An installation-related request includes professional assistance with the installation/reinstallation and demonstration of your LG appliance. If you want any of these things, then take a hassle-free process of booking the service with OneDios rather than searching for the LG microwave customer care number.

1. Demo Request

A microwave is not used by everyone in the world. Despite its complexity, this device is not difficult to comprehend. However, because there are numerous models, the features vary. As a result, learning how to use your LG microwave properly may necessitate professional assistance. You can do the same by opting for a demo request.

2. Installation Or Reinstallation Request

If you have shifted your kitchen to another place, then you can opt for an installation or a reinstallation request to get a technician who will help you in setting up your appliance.

3. New Product Installation

If you have bought an LG microwave then raise a request for its installation. This quick process will take only 60 seconds so you don't have to spend hours just to book a servicing as in the case of LG microwave customer care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Is it necessary to use a convection microwave when baking a cake?

You can still make a cake in a regular microwave if you don't have a convection microwave.

Q.2 What is the one thing that you should never put in a microwave?

Aluminium foil is the most often used home item that should never be microwaved. It's essentially a very thin metal that, when subjected to microwave radiation, reflects rather than absorbs the energy. This can cause sparks, which might damage the appliance or, worse, start a fire.

Q.3 What are some tips that can prolong the lifespan of my LG microwave?

You can use some tips that can help in maintaining your microwave:

  • Cleaning the inside as well as the outside of your appliance
  • Using only microwavable containers and no metals
  • It is also important to properly close the door of your LG microwave