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LG Floor Standing AC Service

LG floor standing AC service includes a variety of alternatives that you can request on OneDios to get a qualified technician. LG floor standing air conditioner enables quicker and broader cooling and heating, covering every area of a room. The stylish design of the appliance is perfect for modern offices. It not only performs the cooling operation but also gives purified air with filtration. If your device requires any servicing then head over to OneDios to raise a service request without calling LG AC customer care. It will only take 60 seconds to book a service.

Types Of Requests In OneDios

Various services will be required throughout the functioning of your appliance. There will be many servicing requirements between the time you purchase your air conditioner and the time it is turned off. OneDios offers a variety of services for your LG floor standing AC. It has divided these requests into three categories for ease of use: service, installation-related, and breakdown request. All of the services that you require are included in these request types. This feature makes OneDios a hassle-free experience for its customers. Unlike LG AC customer care, you don't have to wait on long holds with this platform, saving your time.

Service Request

A service request constitutes overall appliance maintenance. Since your appliance needs to be serviced at regular intervals, you'll have to opt for a service request at least annually. Submitting a service request through OneDios is simple and avoids the time-consuming job of looking up the LG AC customer care number. As a result, raising a service request will be a painless procedure.

1. General Servicing

By examining the components of your appliance, general servicing extends its life. It entails cleaning multiple components of your LG floor standing AC along with detecting any faults.

Installation-Related Request

An installation-related request comprises installation, de-installation and demo requests. You can raise these requests effortlessly in OneDios. You don't even need the LG AC customer care number, which makes the process unnecessarily longer. Different installation-related requests are mentioned below:

1. De-Installation Request

A de-installation request comes into play when you are planning to uninstall your LG floor standing AC due to some reason. A de-installation team will be provided to you for removing the complex wiring and different components of your appliance.

2. Demo Request

If you are new to the AC, then opting for a demo request is a wise choice. A professional will guide you in understanding the working and features specific to your appliance.

3. Installation Request

Setting up your AC is a tough task, so opt for professional help with OneDios. You can raise an installation request to avail it.

Breakdown Request

While using your air conditioner, you may encounter problems with its performance. It's vital to figure out what's causing these issues and then come up with a solution. If you're having some issues, you can register a breakdown request to OneDios right away. Without phoning the LG AC customer service hotline, this service can be scheduled.

1. Abnormal Noise

If your appliance is producing abnormal noise then it may indicate a malfunction of AC's components. To fix this issue, raise a breakdown request in OneDios.

2. Does Not Heat Or Cool

If your appliance is not heating or cooling properly, then it is due to the damaged thermostat. Raise a request in OneDios and a professional will repair the malfunctioning component.

3. Gas Leak

Gas leaks hamper the efficiency of your LG floor standing AC. So, whenever you notice a gas leak in your appliance immediately opt for a breakdown request to solve this issue.

4. Other Symptoms

There's a chance you'll run into problems that aren't covered here. If that's the case, choose this option from the breakdown request menu.

5. Sometimes Stops

If your LG floor standing AC is sometimes stopping while operating, then get it checked by a technician. Raise a request in OneDios that will help you in booking a professional.

6. Water Leakage

Water leakage is a common problem faced with an AC. The issue may be a result of damaged components. If the amount of water spilt is excessively huge, then raise a breakdown request to tackle the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Why should I choose OneDios over LG AC customer care for availing servicing?

There are several advantages of using OneDios over LG AC customer care:

  • It simply takes 60 seconds to submit a service request on the site/app.
  • The platform is available 24×7
  • It offers a variety of options to its customers so that they receive the most suitable servicing.
  • It provides only the LG-authorised servicing.

Q.2 How can I restart my LG standing air conditioner?

To initiate a restart, follow these steps:

  • Disconnect the air conditioner from electricity for a minimum of 10 seconds after unplugging it.
  • Reconnect the air conditioner.
  • Click the POWER button to switch on the air conditioner again.

Q.3 Why is floor standing AC named so?

The floor-standing AC name came from the fact that the appliance essentially stands on the floor. It is often used in restaurants, halls, motels, and data centres.

Q.4 How long can a floor-standing air conditioner unit be expected to last?

An air conditioner has a ten-year average lifespan. If you take care of It, you can expect it to last an additional 5 years or so. By operating the unit seldom or ensuring that it has a minimal cooling demand, you can quadruple its lifespan.