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LG Cassette AC Service

LG Cassette AC service of OneDios covers most of the issues of your equipment. LG Cassette AC gives fast and powerful cooling. It also saves money as it can adjust its motor speed accordingly for full efficiency. The high ceilings mode circulates cool air from 4.2 m above the ground. It gives clean air with its filtration system. The appliance has a smart option of auto-restart as well. If your appliance requires servicing, then OneDios is the ideal platform that can help you out. The platform is better than LG AC customer care due to its quick processing time and availability of different request types.

Types Of Requests In OneDios

OneDios features three different types of LG cassette AC requests. You can seek assistance with the installation, repair, and routine maintenance of your product. Three types of requests offered by LG are given below:

Installation Related Request

If you've purchased an air conditioner, it's self-evident that you'll require an installation-related request. You might need a demonstration of your new product, or you might just need someone to install it. Whatever the reason, OneDios has a solution for all of your issues. It will also save you time because you will not need to contact LG AC customer care to complete the procedure of submitting a request. Various installation-related requests are mentioned below:

1. De-Installation Request

If you are changing to a new address or no longer require air conditioning, you can use OneDios' de-installation services. Simply click the De-Installation Request option from the Installation-related requests menu.

2. Demo Request

If you're not sure how your air conditioner works or what features it has, submit a demo request to understand your appliance.

3. Installation Request

As AC is a device with complex wiring, it is recommended to get it serviced by a professional, who will set up the appliance in a suitable place while taking care of all the other aspects of the appliance. You can avail these services with installation requests.

Service Request

A service request entails general appliance maintenance. As your appliance requires maintenance, it is necessary to make a service request after a fixed interval. Booking a service request with OneDios is an effortless task and it even eliminates the tedious task of searching for the LG AC customer care number. So, you will get a hassle-free experience of raising a service request.

1. General Servicing

General servicing improves the life expectancy of your appliance by inspecting its components. It comprises cleaning various components of your equipment in addition to searching for any malfunctions.

Breakdown Request

You may experience problems with the operation of your air conditioner while using it. It is critical to determine the true cause of such problems and, as a result, develop a solution. If you're having such trouble, you may quickly submit a breakdown request to OneDios. This service can be booked without calling the LG AC customer care number.

1. Abnormal Noise

Refrigerant leakage, broken isolation feet or a damaged compressor are all typical reasons behind loud buzzing noises from your air conditioner. A professional can correct the abnormal noise so all you need to do is to raise a breakdown request under LG Cassette AC service in OneDios.

2. Does Not Heat Or Cool

The principal purpose of your air conditioner is to either heat or cool your home, and if it is unable to do so, it is a matter of concern. You should have your appliance inspected as soon as possible by a technician.

3. Gas Leak

A gas leak usually occurs when the coolant of your LG cassette AC leaves the appliance. Determination of the cause of this gas leakage is crucial for finding the solution to this issue.

4. Other Symptoms

If the issues mentioned under the breakdown request do not match the issue you are facing, then you can select this option.

5. Sometimes Stops

If your LG cassette AC stops sometimes while working, then it may indicate internal damage. You must opt for a breakdown request for brand authorised servicing of your appliance.

6. Water Leakage

A clogged wet discharge line (due to debris, fungi or filth), a rusted or cracked drain pan, or a defective condensate pump could all be contributing factors to this common ac unit issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Is water drain from AC normal?

Excessive leaking is not normal while a tiny amount of water leakage is normal. This is usually caused by dirty air filters or a faulty air conditioning system. If your AC is giving off too much water, then raise a breakdown request in OneDios, which will take less time than LG AC customer care for booking a service.

Q.2 Does cassette AC has the same working mechanism as split AC?

Cassette units operate similarly to wall-mounted split systems, with the exception that cassettes are put in the ceiling rather than on the wall. The indoor unit is flush against the ceiling and delivers conditioned air on two, three, or four sides.

Q.3 What steps should I take to ensure that the air conditioner is in working order?

  • Your air conditioner should be serviced at least two times a year.
  • To prevent electrical currents, make sure the equipment is always grounded.
  • Ensure that only a technician performs the installation.
  • Once the piping is finished for installation, make sure every electrical component is securely covered and the back wall is closed.