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Kia Corporation is Korea's oldest automobile manufacturer, formed in May 1944. The firm is a subsidiary of Hyundai. Initially, Kia manufactured bicycles and motorcycles and gradually established itself as the fifth-largest car manufacturer globally. It launched itself in the Indian market with Kia Seltos. This SUV was an instant hit among Indian buyers. Kia's Indian subsidiary, Kia India Private Limited, handles the company's operation in India. The company first set up its manufacturing plant in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. Kia Cars was founded on 19 May 2017. Vehicles manufactured by Kia are efficient, reliable, safe, and other features make the brand stand apart from many of its competitors.

Are You Looking for Kia Customer Care Number?

If you require the Kia customer care number to arrange a service appointment, you can use OneDios for better results. You can book a Kia car customer care service request for break maintenance, car AC service, periodic service, windshield, denting, painting and complete car services booked from OneDios within one minute.

Most Common Searches About Kia Customer Care

Kia Customer Care for Petrol Car

Kia petrol cars are made to give you powerful performance due to their strong engine. From best-in-class interiors to sporty exteriors, Kia offers many features to explore. Even after the best technologies, Kia vehicles need servicing over time to maintain the peak performance of your car and enhance its lifespan. So, if the time of your car’s servicing has arrived, then use OneDios for hassle-free processing. Download the OneDios app and let us take care of your Kia car maintenance by immediately scheduling a Kia customer care service for Petrol cars!

Kia Customer Care for Diesel Car

Kia has several options for diesel cars that one can choose from. These cars include futuristic technologies, safety features and sporty designs. You have come to the right place if you own a Kia diesel car and need servicing. OneDios will assist you in raising a Kia customer care service request for Diesel Cars in one minute.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the benefit of regular car servicing?

Regular car servicing will maintain the peak performance of your vehicle. It increases the overall safety of the car. Also, your car’s fuel efficiency and lifespan will improve with regular car servicing.

Q.2 When should I get my brakes checked?

Brakes performance usually decreases with a longer duration. Sometimes the working condition of your brakes gets unnoticed. So, in that case, you can keep the following things in mind to recognise the need for brakes servicing:

  • Grinding noise: A grinding noise can occur due to clashing the motor and backing plate. Worn brake plates raise this problem.
  • High-pitched squeal: This indicator is the most common one. You quickly hear a high-pitched squeal when your brakes need servicing.
  • Vibration: If you feel vibration during brake application in the brake pads, its reason is unevenly worn rotors.
  • Decrease brake receptivity: When your brake paddle's responsiveness declines, it is time to get your brakes serviced.
  • One-side pulling: Unevenly worn brake pads, a collapsed brake hose, dirty brake fluid, or a blocked calliper can all cause your automobile to pull to one side when braking.
  • The thickness of brake pads: The width of your brake pads also determines their replacement. If your brake pads are less than 2-3 mm in thickness, they need to be replaced, and if they are less than 4-5 mm, then their replacement time is approaching soon.

Q.3 What are the factors that affect my car’s battery life?

The life of your car’s battery can be affected by the following factors:

  • Temperature: Vehicles in extremely hot or cold places need more frequent battery checking than locations with optimum temperatures as it affects the battery's life.
  • Leakage or corrosion: Your battery needs replacement when leakage or corrosion appears in your vehicle.
  • Turning headlights on If you leave your vehicle's headlights, your battery will lose some reserve power. It can therefore affect the battery life of your car.

Q.4 What is the importance of Kia authorised servicing?

Kia’s authorised service will help you in claiming any warranty claims. It gives you a guarantee of service. Regarding replacements, an authorised service centre will use only the genuine parts for your vehicle, helping to maintain peak performance.

Q.5 How can I book servicing for my Kia car?

You can contact Kia customer care or download the OneDios app and register a Kia Petrol/Diesel Car Customer Care service request.

Q.6 How many free services can I get for my Kia vehicle?

The first three services provided by Kia will be free. These will be scheduled within one year or 10,000 km. Carens are the only exceptions in which servicing up to 20,000 km or two years is free.

Q.7 When should I have my Kia vehicle serviced?

For maintenance, every Kia model has a suggested service interval. The recommended service interval can be found in the owner's handbook. OneDios app makes it simple for the consumer to avail of the post-sales services without problems.

Q.8 How will I know about the completion of your car servicing?

Authorised service centres will contact you to tell you the exact collection time.

Q.9 What is the recommended tyre pressure for my car, and how often should I check it?

The correct tyre pressure for your car may be found on the label attached to the bottom portion of the B Pillar on the driver's side.

OneDios for Kia Customer Care and More

OneDios is a platform for raising service requests for various brands. Some of the reasons to use this platform are:

  • One For All: OneDios will not only provide you to raise a service request for Kia and more than 500 brands.
  • Forget Customer Care: OneDios does not need you to contact customer care of any brand for scheduling services.
  • Reduces Processing Time: OneDios significantly reduces the processing time of raising service requests.

OneDios has partnered with Kia, so now you can book servicing for Kia vehicles directly through OneDios with Kia Customer Care.