OneDios is the go to destination to register service requests for customer care for electronics, durables, kitchen appliances and most other product categories. Most customers have to go through the pain to contact call center or customer care number of brand to register a service request.


Finding this customer care number or finding the service center itself is not a pleasant task and many a time a wrong customer care number or a wrong address of a service center working as a front for brand finds its way in.


Even if the customer care no is found, reaching out to an executive in a customer care center is not easy. The IVR process makes registering of a service request a slow and painful process.


OneDios eliminates all these problems and eases reaching out to customer care of any product of any brand within 60 seconds. OneDios app on Android and iOS platforms and a responsive website makes access to customer care and brand service uncomplicated, simple and within reach. More over Onedios enables easy access to getting in warranty service, or out of warranty service directly from the brand. Apart from service, customer can also buy extended warranty or Annual maintenance contract or AMC directly from the brands on OneDios.


OneDios also enables end consumers to leave a review for the service that they avail, making it possible for feedback to directly reach brands. Easy access to customer service directly from brand without calling the customer care number or contacting the service center is the promise of OneDios.


Airconditioner, AC, Washing machine, Ro Water purifier, refrigerator, TV, microwave, dishwasher, etc are some of the products that require access to customer service frequently and easy availability of customer care irrespective fo brand and product helps end consumers keep OneDios app on their phone.