Khaitan Customer Care

Schedule a service for your Khaitan appliance with OneDios. Additionally, you don't have to contact Khaitan customer care with this platform.


Khaitan is a company that produces and sells a variety of electrical goods. It is one of India's largest exporters of air coolers and electric fans for homes and businesses. It has positioned itself as the unchallenged leader in air-management innovation, with 19 offices spread around the nation. The design of ground-breaking product ideas like Freshair fans and models in the tiny category represent the Khaitan name's renowned for breakthroughs. Khaitan is currently expanding its diversification. Khaitan's product line now includes home appliances, wires, cables, lights, pumps and circuit breakers. Any item from Khaitan is guaranteed to have high quality, excellent performance, and innovative design.

Are You Searching For The Khaitan Customer Care Number?

Are you trying to find the Khaitan customer number to make a booking? If so, the fastest place to submit a service request is here. Without making a phone call, you may register a service in just 60 seconds!

Khaitan Customer Care For Various Products

Khaitan AC Customer Care

Khaitan AC customer care assists consumers in booking an appointment with a technician for their appliance. Khaitan AC comes with superior filtration technology, which not only keeps away dirt and other impurities but also removes microbes from the air. It gives instant cooling to the surroundings. If your split or window AC is not working and you need technical support, then OneDios will help you out in the quickest way. With this platform, you don't need Khaitan AC customer care for getting a service.

Khaitan Television Customer Care

Khaitan television has awesome features like good sound quality, high-quality videos and images, a user-friendly interface, internet connectivity and more. If you are finding any trouble with any feature then you can book a service using OneDios. As compared to Khaitan television customer care, this platform will take only 60 seconds to complete the process of registration.

Khaitan Washing Machine Customer Care

Khaitan washing machine is another popular product of the brand. It elevates your comfort with its different features. If you are having trouble understanding these features, then you can take help from a professional. Conventionally, Khaitan washing machine customer care is used for getting any technical support. Generally, this process is long and frustrating. Now, you don't have to wait on a long hold to book a service. You can simply use OneDios for raising requests in 60 seconds.

Why OneDios?

OneDios is a portal where you can submit service requests for many products. Customers' everyday lives are typically busy, therefore taking the moment to call customer service is quite challenging. You can utilize OneDios to help you raise a service request for any brand rather than working many hours to complete your task. You will get the following advantages from OneDios:

  • Any service request can be raised in about 60 seconds.
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  • Always accessible
  • Extended warranties and AMC.
  • Provides access to your papers on your phone at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is AC maintenance a requirement?

Yes, frequent AC maintenance is important. To ensure that only clean air circulates in the atmosphere, this will involve cleaning the filters. Regular AC maintenance will keep it running properly for longer and use less electricity. It's crucial to choose an accredited AC servicing provider who has the manufacturer's approval.

Q2. How does an air conditioning system regulate humidity?

Your room's heated, humid air is transported to the chilly evaporator coils. This air is condensed, and condensation removes the liquid from it. The moisture is gathered in the drain pan and transferred through a drain pipe outside of your home. Your room is dehumidified as a result of this process.

Q3. How can I make sure my air conditioner operates for the longest possible time?

There are a few things to think about to assist your air conditioning unit last longer:

  • Give your air conditioner a break
  • Clean it frequently
  • Schedule regular AC tune-ups as they will maintain the good condition of your appliance and protect it against any damage
  • Promote airflow by cleaning all vents for an uninterrupted performance
  • Clean the ducts to prevent a unit slowdown
  • Replace your filter for maintaining efficiency
  • Look for any leaks in the hose to prevent the system breakdown

How long can a new TV work properly?

A TV typically lasts between 4 and 10 years, or 40,000 and 1,000,000 hours. It changes depending on how well the TV is maintained and used. By effectively maintaining your TV, you can prolong its shelf life and preserve it in great condition.

What is the ideal television viewing angle?

The viewing angle is the position at which you can see television without experiencing any brightness reduction or colour shift. Even from the side of the TV, you should be able to see the picture properly. If you're looking for more precise measurement, 88 degrees or more is thought to be the best viewing angle. The TV should ideally be positioned at eye level. Move the TV around a little before purchasing it to see how sharp the pictures are from various angles.