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Thousands of people rely on Kent RO Water Purifiers, which are among India's most popular water purifiers. With every sale, Kent customer care aims for the highest level of client satisfaction.Kent makes UV water purifiers that are simple to use and clean water without changing its taste or odour. Water is a necessity for life, and having safe and readily available water is critical for public health. Cholera, typhoid, and other water-borne diseases are spread via polluted water. As a result, it is better to have water purifier at home.

Kent customer service makes a big difference

Kent manufactures high-quality water purification devices because they value their clients. OneDios can help you book a service call with just one click for all service and repair appointments. Rather than looking for a Kent RO customer care number, you can use OneDios to file an online service request in less than 60 seconds.OneDios wants to change the way people connect with help desks. This vision encompasses all of the products and services people use. You can buy an AMC by downloading the OneDios app or visiting the OneDios website. Your service visits are set immediately as per your service plan. With the press of a button, you can also book a support ticket as per your convenient slot in no time.

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Kent Water Purifier Customer Care

It is vital to have information on the quality of the water supply that enters your home. Water that has not been treated or filtered has the potential to harm the body's key organs. Therefore, it's a good idea to have your water purifier serviced on a regular basis.You can contact OneDios to service your water purifier and also resolve other concerns quickly and efficiently. This will save time because you now will not have to look for and contact the Kent customer care number or Kent call center.

FAQs about Kent Customer Care:

Q1. If I have a new RO water purifier that is still under the manufacturer's warranty, who should I contact for service?

If you have a new RO water purifier, you can contact OneDios for service while it is still under warranty. OneDios offers an AMC, or extended warranty, for Kent RO water purifiers once the standard warranty has expired in a single click. There is also no longer a need to contact Kent RO customer care or the Kent toll free number.

Q2. What if there is a need to replace consumables? Would I be able to receive them for free?

The service does not include consumables. You can purchase filters and RO membranes from OneDios for an extra charge. If you have similar concerns like this and are looking for the Kent customer care number? Without having to call the Kent RO customer care no, you may book your request with OneDios Kent purifier customer care by following a few easy steps in a few seconds.

Q3. What are the different types of pollutants that can be found in water?

Impurities can be retained or dissolved in drinking water. suspended pollutants like dirt, dust, sand, germs, viruses, etc. water-soluble contaminants such as chemicals, lead, and fluoride, as well as heavy metal ions such as mercury, copper, and arsenic.If you are facing such issues and want to get rid of them, why not contact OneDios and auto schedule your service visits as per your service plan in just one click. This will also save time and effort as you don’t have to look for Kent RO customer carer no or Kent water purifier customer care number.

Q4. How long should I store the water in the filter?

Cool, clean jars, usually made of steel or glass, should be used to keep the filtered water.For health reasons, it is also better to change the stored water every two days. The water in the storage filter tends to breed bacteria, so it should be used and replaced on a regular basis.

Q5. Who installs and maintains the water purifiers?

An expert from OneDios will install and maintain the product. You may create a service ticket on OneDios in a matter of seconds rather than calling the Kent Customer Care no or Kent RO tollfree no.


  • 2022-06-24

I am raising request for Newly purchase Kent RO, But while raising request unble to update state as it is not active. Worst experience. Pl arrange to install the KENT RO PRIME PLUS ON PRIORITY. Address mentioned belwo C/o KD PANDEY LAHORIA SAL TALLA GALI NO 06 VAIBHAV COLONY UNCHA PUL -263139