Kenstar Customer Care

Save your time with One Dios, which will help you raise a service request in just 60 seconds instead of contacting Kenstar customer care.

About OneDios

OneDios is a service aggregator which connects multiple brands with their customers. Customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business, and the first step towards it is understanding the issues faced by customers. Therefore, most of the brands have their customer care centers. But these centers often put customers on long holds and eventually consume customers' time. OneDios was developed to tackle such issues. You can quickly raise a service request with this platform, and this will not take more than a minute. Then you can track the status of your request with the OneDios app.


Other Advantages Of OneDios

Saving time is the primary advantage of using OneDios, but it's not the only one. You can raise requests for not only Kenstar but also for more than five hundred brands. Some of the other advantages of using OneDios are: Extended warranties: you can extend the warranty of your appliance with OneDios Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC): you can increase the safety of your appliance with AMC Buy Products: OneDios not only provide your appliance's services and safety plans, it also gives you a platform to shop for more than 600 products with exciting deals Timely Reminders: you can upload your appliance's documents in OneDios app and it will remind you of the next servicing date of your appliance.


About Kenstar

Kenstar is a mass premium brand manufacturing various appliances. It was launched in 1996 with branded air coolers and kitchen appliances. The products developed by the brand align with international standards. Each product undergoes testing for various international certifications like BIS, ISO, BEE, etc. These certifications speaks for the high quality of the products of Kenstar. The main focus while creating any product is performance, safety, aesthetics, and friendliness. The brand's popularity is due to its premium quality and after-sale services. The R&D team at Kenstar keeps its eyes on the latest trends and technologies in the market and make sure that the brand itself is a part of the latest trends. The firm has evolved itself with innovative technologies and new products. Since its establishment, Kenstar has expanded itself with kitchen appliances, water heaters, fans, room heaters and many other product categories. It exports its products to 25+ countries. Every new product has technically advanced features that make the customers' life easier than before.


Kenstar Services

Kenstar has a wide variety of products for its customers. Each product possesses high quality standards with the latest technologies. Each product also require a timely servicing. Some of the product categories and their servicing are mentioned below:


Kenstar Air Coolers

Kenstar launched its first air cooler way back in 1996 and since then it has introduced many variations of air coolers. The air cooler series of Kenstar includes: Desert Series: air coolers with high tank capacity and strong cooling for large spaces Slim Desert Series: compact air coolers for strong cooling in small areas Tower Series: sleek design air coolers for retails, offices, etc. Window Series: air coolers with compact styling Personal Series: air coolers with powerful cooling and beautiful design


Kenstar Air Cooler Servicing

As most of the air coolers are mostly used in summers, their servicing before and after this season is a must. This will help in maintaining the peak performance of your air cooler. You can either contact Kenstar customer care for booking a service or use OneDios, which is an easier way to raise a service request.


Kenstar Food Preparation

Kenstar's Food Preparation range includes: Juicer Mixer Grinder Mixer Grinder Food Processor Juicers and Blenders


Kenstar Home Appliances Servicing

Home appliances undergo minor wear and tear with frequent usage. Therefore, servicing from an authorized technician is required. Home appliances need quick servicing, and contacting Kenstar customer care is time-consuming. So, you can raise a service request with OneDios and get your work done in no time.


Kenstar Heating Solutions

This includes Kenstar's range of water heaters. These water heaters are energy efficient. Different colours and stylish designs give multiple-choice to the customers. The main categories are: Instant Water Heaters Storage Water Heaters Room Heaters Gas Water Heaters


Kenstar Water Heater Servicing

Although water heaters have worked for many years without any maintenance, they still need an annual servicing. This will increase the efficiency and life span of your water heater. To avail water heater servicing you can contact Kenstar customer service but a less time consuming option is to opt for OneDios.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of seasonal air cooler servicing of Kenstar air cooler?

Seasonal air cooler servicing gives you lower electricity bills and high-performance benefits. Book your next air cooler servicing without contacting Kenstar air cooler servicing through OneDios.


How to extend lifespan of your Kenstar water heater?

You can extend the lifespan of your water heater by an annual servicing. Contact Kenstar customer care or use OneDios to raise a service request.


Why is professional service better than a local one for Kenstar appliances?

Professional service is better than a local one due to: Availability of original parts Right knowledge and skills Saves money Warranty protection To avail of a professional service you can simply use OneDios for raising a service request. This is a better option than contacting Kenstar customer care.


How long does Kenstar's air cooler warranty last?

Kenstar air cooler warranty is for one year. You can also extend this warranty with some additional charges.


Does the authorized technician come to your house to repair Kenstar home appliances?

Yes, the authorized technician will come to your house to repair Kenstar home appliances. You can contact Kenstar customer care or use OneDios to raise a Kenstar device's service request. Now calling Kenstar customer care is not the only option for servicing. OneDios also assists you in raising service requests for 500+ brands and Kenstar is one of them. This is an effortless way of booking Kenstar servicing.