Kelvinator Customer Care

You have come to the right place if you are looking for the Kelvinator Customer Care Number. Get an instant solution for any problem with your Kelvinator appliance by booking a service with OneDios.

About Kelvinator

Kelvinator, an American company, produces household appliances, with its eponymous product line being a range of household refrigerators. Among the first residential electric refrigeration units was named Kelvinator in the US in 1914. The brand was named after physicist and inventor William Thomson, widely recognised as Lord Kelvin, who created the idea of absolute zero and is also the name-bearer of the Kelvin temperature scale. Currently, Electrolux is the owner of the brand.

Are you Searching for the Kelvinator Customer Care Number?

Do you require Kelvinator customer care to schedule a service for your appliance? Calling Kelvinator customer care is simple because ensuring customer satisfaction is their top focus. You can contact Kelvinator customer service toll-free, message them, or even mail them your enquiry.

Most Common Searches About Kelvinator Customer Care

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Kelvinator AC Customer Care

People usually search for Kelvinator AC customer care whenever they require service for their Kelvinator AC. The product offers an iClean feature with the push of a button. The auto-clean function evaporates the water and removes dust particles from the coil. It prolongs the lifespan of the air conditioning units while keeping humidity and odour at bay. Compared to other options, they are more affordable and offer direct cooling. If you are searching for authorised Kelvinator services such as installation, repair and more for your appliance, then contact Kelvinator customer care through the OneDios app for a comfortable experience.

You need to remove your air conditioner and install it somewhere else, don't worry-contact OneDios to get the Kelvinator Split AC De-installation service done. Whether you want a Kelvinator AC installation or an AC service done or are relocating, you can register your Kelvinator Split AC Installation, Kelvinator Split AC Reinstallation, or Kelvinator Split AC Repair service with OneDios.

Kelvinator Refrigerator Customer Care

If you are searching for Kelvinator refrigerator customer care for a query regarding your fridge, then you've landed on the right platform. Kelvinator offers a wide range of refrigerators. They come with huge capacities and tempered glass shelves. You can find separate compartments for fruits, vegetables and dairy products. If you face problems with these features, you can book service without Kelvinator refrigerator customer care using the OneDios platform.

OneDios is a platform wherein you can raise requests for various brands within a minute. It was founded in 2019. You can submit a service request directly through the site or the OneDios web application. From Kelvinator Refrigerator installation to regular service, Refrigerator breakdown complaints to Kelvinator Refrigerator extended warranty, get all these services in just one platform. OneDios assures you of quick response. OneDios aspires to make your life easier.

Kelvinator Washing Machine Customer Care

Kelvinator washing machine customer care is used for booking service for your appliance. It is highly efficient and comes with a classy design. Issues with washing machines occur, and the equipment slowly loses productivity. Your clothes might not be as clean as they were when the machine was new. As a result, it's essential to ensure consistent quality. Customers may immediately book service for their Kelvinator washing machine issues with Kelvinator customer care through OneDios. So, if you need a Kelvinator front load, top load or semi-automatic Kelvinator washing machine service, you can use OneDios. Call OneDios now to book a Kelvinator washing machine Installation/Reinstallation/Repair/Service request, and we'll schedule your booking in less than 60 seconds.


A request can be raised on the service-aggregator platform OneDios in just 60 seconds. To provide customers with better customer care services, Kelvinator customer care has partnered with OneDios. As a result, the platform is improving the brand-customer relationship of Kelvinator. OneDios allows users to submit requests anytime, making the booking process more adaptable for various customers. Users can start the service booking process on its user-friendly interface without assistance. In addition to these capabilities, OneDios provides in-app purchases for different appliance protection plans. Consumers can also save invoices and warranties for appliances. Additionally, the OneDios app sends consumers frequent notifications for various products to take advantage of the following service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is my Kelvinator washing machine vibrating?

The problem can arise due to the laundry load. Adding more clothes than the machine can handle will create vibration and damage. Therefore, following your appliance’s instructions before using it is best.

Q2. Why is my Kelvinator washing machine leaking?

Leakage can occur due to a clogged drain, worn hose washer, or overloading. You can rectify them by raising a service request by contacting Kelvinator customer care through the OneDios app.

Q3. Is it safe to leave the air conditioner running all day?

Using your AC all day is usually safe because it will not be likely result in a fire or other tragedy in your house. Your AC can trip or cause a power failure in your neighbourhood during rising temperatures when more people run their AC systems simultaneously at high power. This is particularly true if your air conditioner is old and requires more energy than newer, more energy-efficient models. As a result, it is critical to get your air conditioner serviced regularly. You can do so by contacting Kelvinator customer care through OneDios with just one click,

Q4. What are some things to remember when installing and purchasing air conditioners?

Unit capacity, your home's insulation, routine maintenance, the type of wall you have, the size of your windows, the kind of air conditioner you have, and the area where the unit will be installed.

Q5. How can I tell if the compressor in my fridge is broken?

The compressor in your fridge is the source of the buzzing sound. So, if the sound goes from low to a steady or very loud humming noise that does not go away, it could be a sign that the compressor is faulty or broken. You can book a service call on the OneDios app or the Kelvinator customer care toll-free number to check your fridge's compressor.

Q6. Is the OneDios service portal available 24*7?

Since our portal runs 24*7, you can make an appointment for services like installation, breakdown, servicing, and extended warranty anytime on the OneDios app.

Q7. How to register a complaint on Kelvinator customer care from the OneDios app?

You can complain to Kelvinator customer care in just six clicks from your phone. Download the OneDios app, open the website, and click the “Book Service” button. Select the product type from the appliances category section (AC, washing machine, refrigerator, etc.) for which you want to avail of the service. Please select Kelvinator from the brand options. Mention the issue in the appliance you want to get fixed. Fill in your address, choose the appointment date at your convenience, and register your complaint.

Q8. Does OneDios provide service booking for all Kelvinator product ranges?

Yes, OneDios provides service booking for various product ranges of Kelvinator. Get service, installation, breakdown, and extended warranty for the following product range Kelvinator AC, refrigerator, TV, and more.

Q9. Does the OneDios app allow tracking service requests?

OneDios app provides you with the option of tracking down your request. Just click on “My Request” and track your request.

Q10. What documents are needed at the time of raising the query at OneDios?

When you raise a complaint, query, or book an appointment, OneDios asks you to upload invoices, warranties, and other documents. Remember to tag the specific brand you are looking for while uploading.

Q11. Does OneDios keep customers’ personal information confidential?

Yes, OneDios keep its customers’ personal information very secure and confidential. We adhere to our policy of not disclosing your personal information to third parties without explicit consent.