Jaquar Customer Care

Established in 1960, Jaquar is an Indian manufacturer of premium sanitary ware, including water heaters, faucets, shower enclosures, sanitary ware, flushing systems, showers, concealed cisterns, and various lighting products. Its headquarters is situated in Haryana. The brand is known for its high-class premium products with excellent aesthetics—the brand's standard exhibits superior quality. The products manufactured by the brand are value for money. Jaquar is spread across 60+ countries in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the SAARC region. In India, there are seven manufacturing units of Jaquar. Its classic, Victorian design was launched in 1993 in the market. The design continues to be a popular choice even today. It entered into the lighting business in 2016 with complete lighting solutions for commercial and residential uses. Apart from world-class manufacturing products, the company also focuses on sustainable development. Its plant produces zero waste which every day recycles 5,00,000 liters of water. The company also maintains net-zero energy consumption by producing renewable energy. Furthermore, excellent services are offered by Jaquar its customers. It has employed 1200 technicians for servicing various Jaquar products.

Jaquar has built strong customer support with its cost-effective and high-quality products. The popularity of Jaquar is evident in India with its 60% market share. It has used the latest technologies and innovations to create a wide range of products for consumers.

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Jaquar Water Heater Customer Care

Jaquar offers instant water heaters with all the safety measures. These are corrosion free with variations in designs and capacities. They come with attractive digital features like a timer, cordless remote, digital control, display, etc. All the geysers by Jaquar are energy efficient as well. Jaquar gives a warranty on these products, so if your water heater stops working, you can book services from a Jaquar authorized technician. This process can be quickly done with OneDios rather than contacting Jaquar customer care.

Jaquar Thermostatic Valve Customer Care

A thermostatic valve is used for controlling the temperature of the water. These come with proper safety measures. Different Jaquar Thermostatic valves are - bar, concealed, exposed, and traditional valve. If your thermostatic valve needs repair, then booking a service becomes a necessity. In case you are exhausted with long holds while contacting Jaquar customer care, then using OneDios is the perfect solution for it. It doesn't require you to look for Jaquar customer care number and contact them. You need to perform a few simple steps in the OneDios site or app, and your service request will be submitted.

Jaquar Lighting Customer Care

Jaquar consumer lighting includes home, bright and decorative lighting. These products help in saving energy. Different price ranges with various features help choose the right pick for every customer. They come in fancy designs so that you can light up your house. Installation and installation of these appliances require Jaquar servicing. However, booking these services via Jaquar customer care is a time-taking option. A quick solution would be using OneDios which uses only 60 seconds for raising Jaquar product service requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is brand-authorized servicing for Jaquar products is the best option?

Jaquar authorized servicing is essential for its products as it follows the standard procedures for servicing and maintenance. Also, in case of repair, the products used are original, which will not hamper the productivity of your device.

How can you register your complaint about a Jaquar product?

You can either register it on Jaquar's official site or OneDios.

What is the warranty period of Jaquar products?

Jaquar gives a ten years warranty with all its products.

How should you clean bathroom fittings and accessories?

It would be best if you used a water scale cleaner for cleaning Jaquar accessories and bathroom fittings. Use a soft brush or cloth to remove impurities

How can mineral deposits from an aerator be removed?

Soak the aerator in vinegar for a night and flush it with water. Use a toothbrush for hard deposits.

What is the function of a high flow diverter?

It ensures a high water flow despite low water pressure. It is used on top of a building for increasing pressure.

What are some points to keep in mind before buying a geyser?

You can keep a few points in mind before finalizing a geyser for your bathroom:

  • Size of the geyser
  • Storage capacity of the geyser
  • Fuel type of the geyser

It would be best to look for features that fulfill your needs or requirements.

Now, you can book your Jaquar servicing with OneDios without calling the Jaquar customer care number.