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Inalsa has long been a leader in providing exceptional, easy, and economical home appliances, as well as outstanding after-sales service. The Inalsa cooking hob service team is always looking for innovative ways to make your life simpler.

The use of gas kitchen appliances, such as a range and a hob, enhances the cooking experience. Anyone who owns a gas appliance should be aware of the dangers that come with it. Make sure your appliances are in good working order and that they are safe to use. Carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks, fires, and explosions may all be caused by devices that are not checked on a regular basis, which is why it is a good idea to do so.

When a cooking stove breaks, it has an impact on daily life. To get this resolved, contact the Inalsa cooking hob service staff right away. Customers in India may now contact the Inalsa cooking hob service team with a single click on the OneDios app from anywhere in the nation.

Repair Request

1. Airflow problem

Cooking should always be done in a well-ventilated area, and if your nose tells you that something is wrong, open a window. Gas stoves may expose hundreds of millions of people to excessive levels of air pollution in their homes.

2. Bad Smell

Some of the probable reasons for the burning smell from your cooking stove include a melted or burst circuit board, constant usage of the same burner, burnt food on the surface, and so on. If you are not able to identify from where the smell is coming from, it is best to call the Inalsa cooking hob service team. Inalsa customer care

3. Body broken

Impacts from heavy pots and high heat from one of the burners or a hot spot caused by burnt-on food are the two most prevalent causes of glass cooktop cracking. If any of the parts get damaged, they must be replaced. You may also contact the Inalsa Cooking hob service team to have the parts replaced.

4. Body melted

If the plug on your stovetop is melting, it is either because it is absorbing too much current or because the wall socket connection is faulty. If the plug had been melting, it would have become hot as well. It is better to raise a service call with the Inalsa cooking hob service team and replace it. Also, have him check your stove.

5. Color peel off

The surface of your electric cooktop is peeling, popping, or foggy. The clean, sleek finish of your cooking hob surface may add a real shine to your kitchen, but stains and other markings can easily ruin its surface if not properly cared for.

6. Dented

Please contact the Inalsa cooking hob service team or the Inalsa cooking hob customer care number if your cooking hob gets a dent or scratch during delivery or normal use.

7. Disbalance

If your cooking hob is unbalanced, level the range by properly connecting the legs of the range. Also, move on to leveling the individual burners after the range are at a decent level. Uneven stovetop burning must be fixed to avoid food spilling or possible burns.

8. Display not working

The cooking hob's touch-sensitive control panel has stopped working for a variety of reasons, including the need for a cold reset, the activation of child lock mode, a faulty mainboard, and so on. You should contact the Inalsa cooking hob service team in this case.

9. Does not operate

Your gas stove may not ignite correctly if fallen food or debris blocks the ignition nozzles. If the nozzles, burner caps, or outlets are wet after cleaning, the ignition may fail.

10. Glass broken

It is not safe to use a broken glass stovetop. Cracks pose a huge safety risk, as they might provide an electrical shock to anybody using the stove. You should contact the Inalsa cooking hob service team right away to resolve this issue.

11. Electric Shock

Electric shock is a possibility. If you need to deconstruct something, put on the appropriate safety gloves. Although a hob may be turned on simply by putting it into an electrical socket, it lacks safety features. As a result, they must be linked to a safe circuit. If you are experiencing this problem, please contact Inalsa Cooking Hob customer care or the Inalsa Cooking Hob service team as soon as possible.

12. Heating problem

If all of your burners are not heating, it is most likely an electrical issue, and you will need to contact an Inalsa cooking hob service team to get your cooktop repaired or replaced.

13. Jammed

If your gas stove knob is jammed, clean it with machine oil and check it.

14. Jar broken

If your hob has several cracks spreading out from a single location, it was most likely caused by a blow from a defective or extremely heavy pan. It might have also been caused by a jar falling on it, as glass-on-glass clashes are never pleasant.

15. Knob issues

The knob is not operating correctly for a variety of reasons, including food particles stuck in it, cracks in the knob, or damage. If it breaks or malfunctions, please contact the Inalsa cooking hob service team.

16. Leakage

Moist from spilled water or cleaning the stove might damage the gas pipe and cause a leak. To avoid future harm, address this issue as soon as possible. For help, please contact the Inalsa cooking hob service team.

17. Lock problem

Some induction hobs have a child safety mode, often known as a button lock; if the cooktop does not switch on, this lock may have been mistakenly activated.

18. Missing part

Please contact the Inalsa cooking hob service team or the Inalsa cooking hob customer service number if any of the cooking hob parts are missing.

19. Noise problem

If the hissing, buzzing, or screeching on your gas cooktop is louder than usual, it is most likely due to an issue with the gas-releasing components of your stove. It is advisable to call the Inalsa cooking hob service team and get it checked.

20. Other Symptoms

There could be a number of other issues with the cooking hob, such as the ignition not working, the electric hob's cooking plate not heating up, failure to adjust the heat, and so on. Please contact the Inalsa cooking hob service team to resolve these issues.

21. Packing damaged

If your cooking hob arrives with ripped packaging, contact the Inalsa cooking hob customer care number.

22. Sometimes, stops

This may be due to the high interior temperatures of a cooktop hob.

23. Stops immediately

The fuse must have blown if the cooking hob stopped working. A faulty hob element might also be the cause. For such issues, please contact the Inalsa cooking hob customer care number.

24. Wire problem

Faults in the wire connecting the hob plates to their control systems can cause the terminals and other related parts to melt or burn out, causing damage to the interior sections of your hob. If there is a problem with the wiring, it is best to call the Inalsa cooking hob service team.

25. Wrong parameter display

If the display values on the panel are wrong, please call the Inalsa cooking hob customer care number.

Installation Related

1. Demo Request

If you have never used a cooking hob before and are not sure how to use it, To book a demonstration on how a cooking hob works and the benefits of owning one, please contact the Inalsa cooking hob customer care number.

2. Installation Request

It is hard and unsafe to set up a cooking hob on your own. You should contact the Inalsa cooking hob service team or Inalsa cooking hob customer care to arrange a service call.


Q1. Why should you service your gas appliance?

To ensure that gas appliances operate properly, they should be serviced at least once a year. If they are not properly installed and maintained, gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning are more likely.

Q2. Is it possible to cook with a broken cooktop?

Please be aware that using a cracked stove is extremely dangerous! Even small cracks might result in electrocution. For tiny cracks, you may be able to repair the glass-ceramic surface, but bigger cracks may require a new cooktop. It is better to contact the Inalsa cooking hob customer care number and raise a service call.

Q3. Is it normal for an induction stove to make a lot of noise?

It is quite normal, as is the buzzing. The quantity of energy passed from the stove to the cookware causes this. When the cookware heats up or the power is turned down, the sound will get lower or stop.

J Jyotsna Mirlay

  • 2022-03-13

Flame goes off if adjusted to medium

r rahul vohra

  • 2022-03-12


r rahul vohra

  • 2022-03-12

not working low flame

A Anshul Gupta

  • 2022-03-05

Gas ka on of ka button work nahi kar raha h