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The Taurus Group's Inalsa is a Spanish brand. The firm has been in operation for nearly five decades. The Inalsa Chimney is a big hit both domestically and internationally. Since its beginning, the Inalsa chimney service team has committed itself to provide innovative solutions and high-quality services for the kitchen.

The all-new Inalsa Chimney with Auto Clean and Motion Sensor technology is now available. For any Indian kitchen, this Inalsa Chimney is a must-have. It is a stylish addition to your house for everyday usage with its curved glass and decorative design. The Inalsa chimney service team ensures that the chimney's functionality is constant.

The chimney's prime aim is to divert smoke away from the stove and out of the home. It also cuts down on cleaning time. Your family's exposure to germs, insects, and allergies will be limited if your home is clean. As a result, chimneys should be cleaned on a regular basis. If you are facing any issue with your chimney and want to service it, please contact Inalsa Chimney customer care.

Installation Related

1. Demo Request

Chimneys are an important part of every kitchen since they gather smoke and impurities from cooking, keeping your kitchen clean and fresh. When frying meals or using a lot of spices, you should use your chimney every time you cook on your cooktop.

If you have never used a chimney before and are unsure how to operate it. Please contact the Inalsa chimney service team to book a demo.

2. Installation Request

Installing a chimney on your own is tough. You should book a service call with the Inalsa chimney service team or Inalsa chimney customer support.

Repair Request

1. Airflow problem

It is important to have proper ventilation in your kitchen for a healthy home. A quality airflow is required for a kitchen chimney to work effectively. It is critical to have an exhaust fan installed in your home. Make sure you install a range hood, and that it fully covers all of the burners. Also, make sure the duct is correctly sized and fitted, and that it vents to the outside. It is better to contact an Inalsa chimney service team to find out the cause of poor airflow.

2. Bad Smell

If you have not cleaned your fireplace or chimney in a while, the build-up of tar and carbon, along with the hot summer heat and moisture from rain, may result in a bad smell. This build-up may be avoided by cleaning your chimney every year. You can also get help from a professional by calling the Inalsa Chimney customer care number.

3. Body broken

A capture panel to hold rising gases, one or more oil collectors or grease filters, and a fan for forced ventilation are the three major parts of a chimney. If any of the parts get damaged, they must be replaced. You may also contact Inalsa Chimney Service to have the parts replaced.

4. Body melted

The amperage rises if the voltage is too low, possibly melting the parts or causing the device to fail. If you are having any of these problems, please contact the Inalsa chimney service team for help.

5. Color peel off

The paint on the top section of the chimney, just above the roof, is peeling and chipping away, making it ugly. Check to see whether the chimney top is leaking or if water damage has caused the paint on the interior mortar joints to peel.

6. Dented

Please contact the Inalsa chimney service team or the Inalsa customer care number if your chimney gets a dent or scratch during delivery or normal use.

7. Disbalance

If your chimney is unbalanced, proper measuring, adjustment, and cutting off your chimney hood may be the solution.

8. Display not working

If the LED light does not turn on and the chimney display does not work. A lack of power in the socket or a broken power cable might be the cause. Another issue might be a panel breakdown, in which case you should contact the Inalsa chimney service team.

9. Does not operate

Three main components might be defective if the chimney is not working: the motor, display PCB, or main PCB. If this is the case, please contact the Inalsa chimney service team or the Inalsa chimney customer care number.

10. Electric Shock

Electrical cables that have been damaged or worn out. Wiring that is incorrect or faulty on electronic appliances. You might be electrocuted or burnt. If you use and handle the appliance incorrectly, it may result in damage to the device as well as injury to the user.

If the curved or straight glass is broken, please contact Inalsa Chimney customer care number and get it fixed.

11. Heating problem

If the filter is not working properly, the suction will be weak, posing a health risk. Any kitchen chimney you buy should fit in your kitchen, have enough suction power, and chimney filter types that are compatible with your cooking routines.

12. Jammed

The most major factors are poor chimney upkeep and inadequate expert inspections. When the exhaust fans stop working and the filters are loaded with grease and sticky fumes from cooking, the kitchen chimney becomes jammed. You should fix this issue right away with the help of an Inalsa chimney service team.

13. Knob issues

If the kitchen chimney knob is not working, it is time to replace it. If it breaks or malfunctions, please contact the Inalsa chimney service team.

14. Leakage

Physical damage, or wear and tear, to the chimney is one of the most common causes of rain leaking into the chimney. To avoid future harm, this problem must be addressed right now. Please contact the Inalsa chimney service team for help.

15. Lock problem

If the filter lock on your kitchen chimney has been damaged, please contact the Inalsa chimney service team.

16. Missing part

Please contact the Inalsa chimney service team or the Inalsa chimney customer service number if any of the chimney parts are missing.

17. Noise problem

When it comes to electric kitchen chimneys, noise is a regular issue. Higher noise means more absorption power. However, there are various situations when the cause of loud noises is something else. If you do not clean your kitchen chimney for a long time, it may malfunction and make an excessive amount of noise. So, if your kitchen chimney has an auto-cleaning option, use it; otherwise, call the Inalsa chimney service team to have it cleaned and serviced.

18. Other Symptoms

There might be a variety of other problems with the chimney, such as severe vibration, a non-rotating fan, a faulty push-button control panel, and so on. To fix these concerns, please contact the Inalsa chimney service team.

19. Packing damaged

If your chimney arrived with torn packing, contact the Inalsa chimney servicing team or call the Inalsa chimney customer care number.

20. Sometimes stops

Suction is often good but not fully functioning because the fan rotates slowly, limiting the kitchen chimney from applying full suction force. This can cause the chimney to stop working sometimes.

21. Stops immediately

If the chimney has stopped working, the power socket may be out of service or the power cord may be broken. There might be problems with the motor, the display PCB, or the main circuit board. Please contact the Inalsa chimney service team for such issues.

22. Wire problem

Keep in mind that, despite all of the advantages, it is an electrical device that may break down. If there is a problem with the wiring, it is better to call the Inalsa chimney service team.

23. Wrong parameter display

Please call the Inalsa chimney customer care number if the display parameters on the panel are incorrect.


Q1. Is it necessary to have a chimney?

Yes, a kitchen chimney is essential. It absorbs all of the greasy and smoky particles created during cooking, leaving the kitchen and house clean and pollution-free.

Q2. Is it better to have an automatic chimney cleaner?

It is simpler to clean auto-clean chimneys than manual-clean chimneys. This does not imply that an auto-clean kitchen chimney requires no care. However, compared to a manual kitchen chimney, and auto-clean one requires less effort and is better for the future. If you want to service your chimney, you can contact the Inalsa chimney service team.

Q3. When is it OK to use a kitchen chimney?

Every time you cook on your stove, especially when frying meals or using a lot of spices, you should use your chimney.