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Inalsa Barbequeue Service

For over 50 years, every Indian has preferred Inalsa. The firm is a fast-growing company with a terrific product range in mind. Inalsa's BBQ is the best offered. The Inalsa Barbequeue Service team consists of brilliant individuals that are happy to serve their clients with the finest service possible. Their Barbeque Grill quickly cooks meat and veggies. And you can also adjust the temperature as per your liking.

Barbeques are progressively making their way into Indian kitchens. On a hot summer day, nothing matches a BBQ with family members and friends. However, there are so many varieties of BBQ that deciding which one to buy may be hard. We all want something that will last a long time and is of good quality, but we do not want to spend a lot of money on unnecessary things.

This is when Inalsa Barbequeue Service comes into the picture. If you are looking to buy a new barbeque and need some help deciding which one is ideal for you. For any support, you may contact the Inalsa barbequeue service team. The team will be happy to help you. You can use OneDios to file a service ticket for any barbeque-related issue in less than a minute.

Repair Request

1. Airflow problem

Airflow is the key to perfect grilling and smoking. Smoke must be added to the meat, but not for an extended period of time. Creosote is a material formed when smoke grows too thick or remains for too long. Please contact the Inalsa Barbequeue service team if there is a problem with the airflow.

2. Bad Smell

Grease and oil start to deteriorate over time, especially in hot weather. Thus, any grease or oil left on the grills after cooking will rot. Your meal will taste and smell horrible if you try to cook on top of those disgusting things the next time you bbq. Please contact the Inalsa barbequeue service team if you are unable to pinpoint the source of the smell.

3. Body broken

A blown fuse, or simply old age, might have caused your grill component to break. Please contact the Inalsa barbequeue service team if you notice any damage to your BBQ.

4. Body melted

To avoid melting vinyl siding, grills must be located at least 10 feet away from the house (which also generates toxic gases). When in close proximity to wood siding, the wood can quickly catch fire and burn.

5. Color peel off

Vapors and oil from the grilling process can build up and leave a coating on the inside of your grill lid as you use it. The deposit will harden as a result of the grill's intense heat, and it will begin to flake or peel off. If you are facing similar issues, you may get it checked by calling the Inalsa barbequeue customer care number.

6. Dented

Surface rust, dents, and scratches are all signs of normal wear and tear on a grill. Please contact the Inalsa Barbequeue service team if your grill is breaking apart and has multiple dents.

7. Disbalance

A blocked burner is the most common cause of uneven heating.

8. Display not working

The LCD BBQ thermostat features a huge LCD screen that is lighted by LEDs. You may change the temperature unit on this remote cooking thermometer from °C to F°. Please contact the Inalsa barbequeue service team if the display on your smart barbequeue is not working.

9. Does not operate

A worn-out ignition unit, a loose wire or other connection, a dead battery, rust or debris on the igniter tip, or broken porcelain on the igniter element might all be factors that contribute. Check for low or no gas flow if the grill will not ignite with a match. It is possible that your issue is as simple as a low gas tank. If there is an issue with your heater, please contact the Inalsa barbequeue service team.

10. Glass broken

As a result of the accumulation of smoke within the lid, the glass rapidly turns black and dusty, rendering it worthless as a food-spying mechanism. It may even break in some cases. Please contact the Inalsa barbequeue service team if you notice any damage to the BBQ glass.

11. Electric Shock

The conductor is generally wrapped in ceramic and, subsequently, by the outer metallic sheath. Therefore, the heating element is not active. Damage can, however, occur if electrical contact is made. In that instance, a shock might occur. If you are having issues with your BBQ, please contact Inalsa customer care or the Inalsa barbequeue service team as soon as possible.

12. Heating problem

Blockages, low gas issues, faulty burner knobs, or a faulty regulator will prevent your gas grill from getting hot enough. You may fix the issue by calling the Inalsa barbequeue customer care number.

13. Jammed

When a hole or holes become jammed with drippings and debris, the gas cannot pass through to generate a flame, making it difficult to properly grill food.

14. Jar broken

New handles, hoods, and heat sensors are available for purchase. If your grill has started to rust or has become noticeably worn, you may restore its sparkle by replacing pieces of the components. You can contact the Inalsa barbequeue service team if any of the parts are broken.

15. Knob issues

If the main control knob kit is damaged, please contact the Inalsa barbequeue service team.

16. Leakage

Checking for gas leaks on your BBQ is simple and should be done as part of your regular upkeep to ensure that your grill is in good operating order. Loose connections or broken gas hoses are the most common causes of gas leaks. Asap, fix the gas leak. Please contact the Inalsa barbequeue service team right away.

17. Lock problem

Fully open the grill's burner control knobs. Any pressure in the gas pipes will be released as a result of this. Wait for the regulator to reset itself, which should take around 30 seconds.

18. Missing part

The parts of a BBQ grill include ignition and temperature knobs, a gas tube, a grill rack, a connector, a lid, and a handle. With the aid of the Inalsa barbequeue service team, you may find BBQ components and repair assistance.

19. Noise problem

Gas grill burners making popping noises is a very regular event. Usually, such noises indicate that the burner holes have been clogged. Cleaning your grill burners on a regular basis can help to reduce popping noises, lengthen the life of your grill, avoid flare-ups, and maintain constant heat while cooking. It is better to call the Inalsa barbequeue service team and fix it.

20. Other Symptoms

The most common BBQ troubles include a low flame, a gas grill that will not light, a BBQ that produces a lot of smoke, and so on. Please contact the Inalsa barbequeue service team if you have any problems with your grill.

21. Packing damage

Call the Inalsa customer service number if your barbecue comes with torn packaging.

22. Sometimes, it stops

Low flames can be caused by a number of issues, including a broken regulator, a leaky propane tank, a tripped OPD device, and blocked holes. If there is an issue, you should call the Inalsa barbequeue service team to fix it.

23. Stops immediately

Check for blocked gas holes on the burner. Observing how the grill burns will usually indicate this issue. If there are areas where there is no flame, you most likely have a blocked burner. If the barbequeue has stopped working, contact the Inalsa barbequeue service team for repair.

24. Wire problem

Push-start igniters that do not create an initial spark might be blocked, have a broken button, or require wiring repair.

25. Wrong parameter display

The LCD BBQ thermostat has a large LCD screen with LED lighting. This remote cooking thermometer's temperature unit may be changed from °C to °F. A malfunction can show incorrect display parameters. In this case, book a service call with the Inalsa Barbequeue service team.

Installation Related

1. Demo Request

Using a barbequeue for the first time can be very confusing. Therefore, it is best to call someone for a demo. You can simply raise a service ticket by contacting the Inalsa Barbequeue customer care number.

2. Installation Request

Call the Inalsa Barbeque Service team when it is time for a new BBQ installation.


Q1. What is a BBQ's life span?

The life of a BBQ is 3 years. On the other hand, regular maintenance and prompt repairs can greatly increase its lifespan by 5 to 15 years. To fix a service call, you can contact the Inalsa Barbequeue service team.

Q2. Is it okay to place food straight on the grill?

Cook food over a hot fire for just a few minutes. Food should be cooked long enough to caramelize the surface but not so long that it blackens, which will enhance the taste.

Q3. Do you put the cover on the grill once it has been lit?

Remember to keep your grill cover off while lighting your coals since greater air movement is better. If you close the lid during the lighting process, the fire will be extinguished and you will have to restart.