Impex Customer Care

Are you tired of waiting so long for Impex customer service to schedule a service? Then OneDios, a service aggregator for all of your products' services, is the ideal answer for you.


Impex is a manufacturer of home appliances and kitchen appliances. With its top-tier quality, technologically cutting-edge products at low rates, and outstanding after-sales services, Impex has built and acquired a solid reputation. In 1999, Impex set off on its journey. They started in a tiny office and have since expanded to service the entire country as well as the Middle East. Every home should be renovated with simple, beloved Impex items, which has been their guiding principle. Around ten people were employed by Impex when it first began its journey; today, more than 1700 people are working there. They may declare with pride that clients around the world warmly embrace their brand Impex.

Are You Looking For The Impex Customer Care Number?

Are you trying to find the Impex customer service number so you can submit a service request for your AC? Then you are free from having to perform it. Without approaching Impex customer service, you can submit any type of request for your equipment using OneDios.

Impex Customer Care

If you ever need help professionally installing, uninstalling, or troubleshooting your equipment, Impex Customer Care can assist you. If you own an Impex product, there is a chance that you will need service for your item while it is in use. Your appliance needs to operate consistently and efficiently. However, getting in touch with customer service takes time. Users occasionally have to endure lengthy holds before discussing their concerns with the device. This approach seems incredibly irritating in an age where everything is available at the touch of a button. Therefore, OneDios is the perfect answer we have for you. You can quickly submit any kind of request using this platform. You no longer need to get in touch with Impex customer service for anything.

Impex AC Customer Care

Impex AC customer care can assist you when it comes to after-sales services related to Impex products. However, contacting them is a time taking process and therefore, it requires you to take out extra time. Here, OneDios is a better alternative wherein you don't have to contact anyone for raising a request. You can don't all by yourself via this platform.

Impex TV Customer Care

If you have an Impex Smart TV, then you don't need to contact Impex TV customer care for scheduling a service. With OneDios the process is extremely simple and quick. Now, you can maintain the peak performance of your appliance.

Why OneDios?

OneDios is a platform that benefits businesses as well as its clients. It serves as a link between them both. Here are a few advantages of using OneDios over Cruise customer service:

  • OneDios offers prompt services. While raising requests via Impex customer care can take up to hours, doing it on the platform simply takes 60 seconds.
  • You don't need to contact anywhere to get the servicing for the majority of your appliances because the platform offers solutions for more than 500 manufacturers.
  • You can submit a request at any time with OneDios because it is open all day long, unlike Impex customer care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is it best to keep the AC off at some point during the day?

Your energy costs can skyrocket if you constantly run your air conditioner. Because of the significant amount of energy it consumes, leaving your AC unit on continually will significantly raise your electricity expenditures. Your air conditioner's lifespan may be shortened if you use it often. Operating your air conditioner consistently will speed up deterioration, even if all devices eventually lose their usefulness. However, your air conditioner will last longer if you only use it when you absolutely must.

Q2. What factors are important to consider while buying a TV?

Before buying an appliance, it is important to consider a few factors that might affect its use and lifespan. It's essential to consider several factors when making a TV purchase for yourself. The size, brand, intended use, type of screen, price, warranty, smart features, etc. are a few of these. Think about what you require and organize the components by your budget before making a purchase. You can also consult our TV buying guide to find out more information in-depth about this.

Q3. What are some of the features of smart TV?

The smart TV comes with the following features:

  • It has good connectivity. You can connect it to smart devices as well as the internet
  • You can easily stream online videos with the device
  • It also allows you to browse the web
  • The Smart TV gives you high picture quality

There are many more features of a smart TV and it varies with the model. If you need any assistance in understanding various features of your appliance you can raise a demo request via OneDios instead of contacting Impex customer care.

Q4. Is it likely that my air conditioner is seeping water?

Water is a byproduct of cooling that is released by all air conditioning equipment. It usually drains into the drainage pipe. If you don't regularly clean the outlet on your gadget, dirt will accumulate over time and liquid may seep out. As a result, it is a smart idea to stay away from positioning anything that could harm your air conditioner.

Q5. How frequently should smart TVs be replaced?

Any television should generally last at least ten years before losing brightness and other qualities. The same holds true even if viewing time exceeds the four hours per day that is considered to be the national norm. Additionally, a TV's lifespan might be increased if it is covered by an extended warranty for your TV.