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If you are looking for the Hyundai customer care number, you have come to the right place. OneDios is here to rescue and provide you with Hyundai customer care service without any hassles.

About Hyundai

Hyundai Motor Company is a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer. It has been India’s first intelligent mobility service provider and India’s number-one car exporter since it was founded. The company employs about 75,000 people worldwide. Hyundai vehicles are sold in 193 countries through 5,000 dealerships and showrooms. Hyundai is committed to providing customers with cutting-edge global technology and boasts a modern multi-million-dollar R&D facility in Hyderabad. The R&D centre looks forward to being a centre of excellence in automobile engineering.

As acclaimed by the brand itself, Hyundai designs the future of automobiles. Its automotive vision is to be your lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond. They also intend to redefine the connection between the brand and its customers by reaching out to people, building a relationship and sustaining it for a lifetime. Hyundai is a company that extends its horizons beyond automobiles.

Are You Looking for the Hyundai Customer Care Number?

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Most common searches for Hyundai Customer Care

Hyundai Santro Customer Care

Hyundai Santro is a hatchback that makes up a perfect car for a small family of 4 to 5 members with intriguing features like comfortable seating, excellent mileage and premium interiors and exteriors. Keep your car going seamlessly by getting regular maintenance checks with the Hyundai Santro Customer Care or at OneDios. Log on to the OneDios website or download the OneDios app and book a seamless Hyundai customer care service for Santro Cars in seconds!

Hyundai Elantra Customer Care

The Hyundai Elantra incorporates excellent features like power steering, an anti-lock braking system and front power windows and is an excellent purchase if you are considering getting a new car. Pay attention to the necessity of regular maintenance sessions and get the Hyundai Elantra Customer Care service booked immediately with OneDios! Download the OneDios app and let us take care of your Hyundai Elantra car maintenance by directly scheduling a Hyundai customer care service!

Hyundai Creta Customer Care

With a breathtakingly beautiful and edgy design, Hyundai Creta has a bold, masculine interior and exterior, making it a perfect car for you. Maintain this beauty by logging on to the OneDios website and booking a servicing session with Hyundai Creta Customer Care.

Hyundai Venus Customer Care

The Hyundai Venus inculcates features like new-age technology, trendy design and unbelievable performance for you to enjoy an unforgettable and seamless ride. Keep its distinctive looks and power-packed performance in check by booking your Hyundai Venus car service with OneDios or Hyundai customer care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What are the advantages of routine automobile maintenance?

Your vehicle's top performance may be maintained through regular auto servicing. It improves the automobile's overall safety. Additionally, frequent car servicing improves your vehicle's fuel efficiency and lifespan.

Q.2 What role does a car warranty play in the automotive industry?

Your car's warranty will cover any mechanical or electrical damage to your vehicle for a fixed period after purchasing the car.

Q.3 Why is a local service not preferred over brand-authorised servicing?

Local servicing doesn't give a guarantee of service. Various brands have different ways of servicing, of which many technicians are ignorant. Also, local servicing may not replace your vehicle's component with the original part. Opting for local servicing can nullify the original warranty of your car.

Q.4 What are the parts included in my Hyundai vehicle’s warranty?

For cars purchased less than seven years ago, as per the warranty policy provided in the owner’s manual, all mechanical and electrical parts are covered except the following: all wear and tear parts, spark plugs, belts, brake pads and shoes, brake disc, clutch disc/pressure plates, consumables like oils, filters, spark plugs, fuses, bulbs, wiper blades, brushes, hoses, paint problems, A/C gas leak, battery, tyres or tubes, catalytic converter, silencer/exhaust, rubber as well as plastic items. Per the warranty policy, only the engine and transmission are covered for more than seven years and less than ten years.

Q.5 What is the Hyundai Roadside Assistance Program?

Hyundai Road Side Assistance Programme is a 24 X 7 emergency support provided in any mechanical or electrical breakdown and traffic accident of a vehicle. The Road Side Assistance Program was launched to provide emergency roadside assistance services round the clock to ensure a pleasurable and uninterrupted journey virtually anywhere in India.

Q.6 How to register a complaint on Tata customer care through the OneDios app?

After downloading the OneDios app or opening the website, click the “Book Service” button. Then from the appliances category section, you choose (two-wheeler, four-wheeler, etc.) the product you want to avail of the service. Select Tata from the brand options. Choose from the options Tata Diesel or Tata Petrol. Mention the issue with the car you want to get fixed. Fill in your address, choose the appointment date at your convenience, and register your complaint.

Q.8 Is the OneDios service portal available 24*7?

Yes, you can request any complaint, repair or service at any hour of the day. OneDios website serves you 24*7, thus making the process of booking a service request more convenient and faster.

Q.6 Why choose OneDios?

OneDios is a superior Hyundai customer service solution that will help you save time. OneDios is a collaborative platform that enables you to avail of maintenance and servicing appointments in seconds. It brings customers closer to their brands in a single place. So, if you want to book a service from Hyundai, you can say, e.g., Hyundai Customer Care Service for Petrol Cars. Visit the OneDios website and book Hyundai customer care services directly from the brand.

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  • More than 500 brands are available
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