Hisense Customer Care

Want to schedule a servicing for your Hisense AC? Book now via OneDios without contacting Hisense customer care.


About OneDios

OneDios is a service aggregator which connects multiple brands with their customers. Customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business, and the first step towards it is understanding the issues faced by customers. Therefore, most of the brands have their customer care centers. But these centers often put customers on long holds and eventually consume customers' time. OneDios was developed to tackle such issues. You can quickly raise a service request with this platform, and this will not take more than a minute. Then you can track the status of your request with the OneDios app.


Additional OneDios Advantages

The most obvious benefit of adopting OneDios is that it saves time, but this advantage is not the only one. You can submit requests for more than 500 other brands, not just Hisense. OneDios has a number of other benefits, including:

  • Extended warranties: You can extend the existing warranty of your appliance with OneDios 
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC): OneDios AMC gives your appliance extra protection. It improves the safety of your appliance. 
  • Timely Reminders: You can upload your appliance's documentation into the OneDios app, and it will notify you of your appliance's next servicing date 
  • Buy Products: OneDios offers you a platform to shop for over 600 products with amazing bargains, in addition to providing services and safety plans for your equipment.



Hisemse is a multinational company that deals with appliance and electronic products manufacturing. The firm started with manufacturing radios in 1969 in Qingdao, China. It's a government-owned company with publicly traded subsidiaries. This company was the first in the world to produce an 8K 10 bit High Dynamic Range (HDR) screen TV that works with supercomputing capabilities. Hisense has brought innovation in the fields of electronics, making customers' lives easier and simpler. With more than five decades of experience, the firm has built 54 overseas offices and companies. It exports its products in 160+ countries. The firm has employed dedicated professionals who help in achieving a superior quality product. The stringent quality processing makes sure that the products manufactured by Hisense meet the high quality standards of the company. It is also noted for its good after-sales services provided to the customers. It also provides comprehensive warranties of Hisense products. The R&D team of Hisense constantly works to produce new technologies in the electrical industry. All these technologies are produced to give solutions to the problems faced by customers. Many products launched by Hisense are television, laser TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, dish washer, etc. The company has also sponsored numerous sporting events such as FIFA World Cup and the UEFA EURO.


Hisense Air Conditioners

Today, it is hard to imagine summers without air conditioners. Apart from releasing cool air, these appliances also filter air by removing microbial particles and pollutants. The right level of temperature and moisture create the highest productivity environment. Therefore it has become an inseparable part of many corporate buildings. There are several varieties of Hisense air conditioner available for customers. Different features help them to choose the right fit for their home. Some of the features of Hisense air conditioners are:

  • Anti bacterial
  • Odour filter Smart and fast cooling
  • Anti corrosion
  • Protection from voltage surge


Hisense Customer Care For Air Conditioners

To keep your Hisense air conditioner running at its best, it needs to be serviced on a regular basis. Fins, coils and filters of the AC require servicing for a good efficiency. Impurities and dust accumulate on the air conditioner over time. It is also subjected to slight abrasion. If you don't pay attention to these minor damages, they can turn into a greater problem. Therefore AC servicing becomes more important. Hisense has a network of certified technicians who can service your air conditioner. So, you need to do is to book an appointment. You have two options for doing this. First, by contacting the Hisense customer care and waiting for long hours to book an appointment. Second, by raising a request service for Hisense air conditioner via OneDios in just 60 seconds. Obviously the latter one is the better option.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is reverse cycle air conditioning?

It means that the air conditioner can perform both cooling and heating functions.


How can you book an air conditioner servicing for Hisense?

The best way to raise a service request is by using OneDios. It is much faster than booking a service by contacting Hisense customer care.


What is the importance of regular air conditioner servicing?

Hisense AC endures normal wear and tear throughout its operating. So a frequent servicing will not only aid in improving the lifespan of the appliance, but will also protect it from any significant harm. Furthermore, in the long run, this will result in some cost savings. The AC would also consume more energy without frequent servicing, making it more vital to go for regular maintenance services.


How many times should you get your Hisense air conditioner serviced?

An annual servicing is a must for air conditioners. Get your Hisense air conditioner serviced before the start of the peak season for best performance.


Is it safe to use your Hisense air conditioner all day?

Yes, your Hisense air conditioner can operate all day long. OneDios assist you in raising a service request for Hisense and other brands. It will take only few seconds to do so. As oppososed to contacting Hisense customer care, this process is quite easy and saves time.