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HSIL Limited, whose brand Hindware is a household name in India, is a company driven by technology. Hindware customer care representatives will respond to all of your needs and queries 24/7, across the country.They offer a wide variety of products, such as air coolers, chimneys, water purifiers, and many more. Hindware is committed to creating new trends and making people's lives better. They hope to earn the customers' trust, who will become lifelong brand ambassadors, through innovation, customer satisfaction, and quality assurance.Hindware customer care is dedicated to providing the best service possible to their clients. The after-sales service team who handles Hindware complaint comprises skilled service engineers who plays an important role in retaining their ongoing leadership role.The OneDios-Hindware collaboration has streamlined customer service even more. You may now book a service call with OneDios for any Hindware product service call or repair. There is no longer any need to search for a Hindware customer center. The OneDios app is a one-stop-shop that supports clients in establishing numerous touchpoints and contributes to customer trust.

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Hindware Air Cooler Customer Care:

When you use an air cooler, the air quality in your room enhances. The air from an air cooler is beneficial for people with asthma or dust allergies. The best feature is that you can simply move an air cooler anywhere in your house.Regularly serviced air coolers perform better and are less costly to run. Instead of calling the Hindware customer care no, you can use the OneDios app to book a support ticket in less than 60-second You can also use the App to check the status of your service call at any time and from any location!

Hindware Chimney Customer Care:

You can rely on the chimneys for a smoke-free and pleasant cooking experience. Chimneys consume very little energy. It also develops a flammable and dirty coating over time. As a result, clean your chimney on a regular basis.OneDios app is the finest spot to book all chimney service calls in a single click without having to call the Hindware service centre. Invoices, warranties, and paper work can also be uploaded to OneDios and tagged with your appliances. As a result, you'll always have access to these documents.

Hindware Water Purifier Customer Care:

Stomach pain, vomiting, headaches, and fever are the most common short-term diseases caused by drinking dirty water. Active bacteria, on the other hand, cause major kidney problems and, in the long run, can lead to death.As a result, clean water is a pressing demand. This is only possible if you service your RO regularly and keep it in good working order. If you believe your water purifier is not giving clean water, you can raise a service call with OneDios in few seconds. It also offers a complete product repair, servicing, and installation solution. There is also no longer a need to hunt for Hindware RO customer care. OneDios will take care of everything for you.

FAQs about Hindware Customer Care:

Q1. Is it possible to operate an air cooler without using any water?

Don't run a swamp cooler without any water. To begin with, it will just circulate hot air rather than properly cooling the room. It may also cause the motor to overheat. Using a fan instead would be more effective.

Q2. What is the best sort of kitchen chimney?

The size of your kitchen and how often you do heavy-duty cooking like deep frying will decide which sort of chimney you need.If you are planning to put a new chimney in your home, you can contact OneDios and fix a service call for chimney installation right away. This will also save you time and energy in looking for a Hindware customer care near me.

Q3. How long can an air cooler run?

We suggest that you fill your air cooler after it has been running for 4 to 6 hours. You should replace the pad cartridge every 2 to 6 months. It is important to note, though, that it is dependent on the intensity of usage as well as moisture levels.

Q4. How can I know if I need to clean my chimney?

Ensure that your chimney is checked at least once a year, usually in the autumn or early winter to look for any blockages caused by animal nesting. To service your chimney or to resolve an issue, contact OneDios and purchase AMC as soon as possible. There's also no need to pick up the phone and dial Hindware service centre any longer.

Q5. When the geyser runs empty, what happens?

Because the geyser will be without water throughout the outage, it will be operating without water, increasing the chance of a geyser explosion. Your geyser is an important part of your home, and you may want to book a service call with OneDios Hindware geyser customer care for any routine service or repair.


  • 20-Mar-2023

I purchased online water gyeser in last January 2023.But after few days it makes noise and some yellow types liquid is coming from in side when we Switch On.


  • 20-Mar-2023

I have purchased online 5 Ltr water geyser of Hindware company in last January 2023. Now after few days it makes sound when we switch ON and some Liquid is coming from inside of water geyser. Please help me about this problem.

U Utkarsh Kansal

  • 27-Feb-2023


M Mohan bhai mani bhai patel

  • 13-Feb-2023

Sarkit problem

C C p agarwal

  • 11-Feb-2023

Gas gyser appears chocked

K Kona Subhash

  • 09-Feb-2023

Servicing wallmounted commode- battery operated

K Kona Subhash

  • 09-Feb-2023

Servicing wallmounted commode- battery operated


  • 03-Feb-2023

gas geyser service

A A Kalyani

  • 02-Feb-2023

Service be poor . Time takeining to sort out the problem .I complained about 15 days after that service be worst .

N N muralikrishna

  • 27-Jan-2023

Chemley peting