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Haier - Single Door Refrigerator


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Haier Single-door Refrigerator Service

Haier is not a new name in the field of electronic brands. It is among the most renowned Chinese companies that are well-known for introducing products that make it easy for you to carry out all your household chores quite comfortably. Haier makes day-to-day activities even better for its customer by bringing in new experiences through seamless and innovative services. The brand came into being in 1984. The brand offers numerous electronic products, including refrigerators, air conditioners, microwaves, etc.

Haier Single-door Refrigerators offer incredible features that you would not be able to say no to, like cost-effectiveness, space-saving, high performance, etc.

Are you searching for the Haier Customer Care number?

Is your Haier single-door Refrigerator not in good condition? Are you currently browsing for Haier customer care numbers to avail yourself of the Haier customer care service and get your Haier refrigerator serviced? If the answer to these questions is a yes, we have just the perfect solution. Log in to OneDios Mobile Application and book your Haier Customer Care Service Request in less than 60 seconds.

Most common searches for Haier single-door Refrigerator Service

Haier single-door Refrigerator Breakdown Request

1. Breakage-Tray or Handle

This issue occurs quite commonly because of over-packing or the handle or tray being subjected to damage by an external source. In this case, you can register a complaint on OneDios.

2. Cooling issues

Your Haier refrigerator might be cooling improperly due to the clogging of coils owing to the accumulation of dirt. Get this issue checked with the Haier customer care service available on OneDios!

3. Freezing issues

Your refrigerator’s freezer might be undergoing operational issues due to factors like the thermostat being faulty, the clogged coils or a problem with the damper. Fix this issue!

4. Internal light not working

The refrigerator’s interior light might not be in a proper working condition due to the bulb reaching the end of its lifespan or it getting burned. You can get the internal light of your refrigerator checked through the Haier customer care service available on OneDios.

5. Stopped Working

Typically, the reasons behind the sudden stopping of your refrigerator’s working could be a mishap with any of the components or leaving the door open frequently. In this case, you can register a complaint utilising OneDios services.

Haier single-door Refrigerator Installation Request

1. De-installation request

If you are looking for a service that helps you de-installation your Haier single-door Refrigerator, you can apply for the de-installation service on the OneDios website under the Haier single-door Refrigerator installation request.

2. Demo request

Do you want to purchase the Haier single-door Refrigerator and enjoy a demo service booked for the same? If the answer to that question is a yes, register a demo request through OneDios by opting for the Haier single-door Refrigerator installation request.

3. New product installation request

Have you bought the Haier single-door Refrigerator in recent times and want to make it a part of your space? If an easy and seamless service is what you are looking for, book yourself a service with the new product installation request under the Haier single-door Refrigerator Installation Request on the OneDios website.

4. Installation request

If you are looking for a service that helps you get your Haier single-door Refrigerator installed, you can apply for the installation service under the Haier single-door Refrigerator installation request available on the OneDios website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features does a total no frost fridge or freezer have?

Total No Frost eradicates ice from the fridge and freezer by blowing chilled air around both to reduce the humidity. Food packaging doesn't stick together, food labelling stays put, and no wastage of storage space. In this case, defrosting is never or rarely necessary.

Q.1 How can I remove the unpleasant odours in my refrigerator?

For freestanding refrigerators, you should leave a space of 5 cm on top and 10 cm behind the appliance. It will allow the heat to be dispatched quickly and reduce energy consumption. For single-door devices, the space needed is in the specifications. If you continue facing any issues regarding unpleasant odours, you can get your refrigerator checked with a technician.

Q.2 Is the presence of moisture in the vegetable drawer regular?

Yes. As the water in the vegetables evaporates, it strikes the cold surface of the refrigerator, thereby resulting in the formation of droplets of water. The humid air over the vegetables is, however, removed by the dynamic airflow inside the fridge, keeping your vegetables fresh.

Q.3 Why is noise being produced from the back of my refrigerator?

The refrigerator is kept cold inside using the cooling coil, fan motor inside the product, and the compressor. During the operation of the fridge, it is normal for the refrigerator to produce a humming noise.

Q.4 What is the reason behind the presence of water on the bottom of the self-defrosting refrigerator?

The drain tube from the gully behind the fridge might be blocked. It could be why the defrosted water is flowing into the cabinet. If the issue persists, you can get your refrigerator checked by contacting an expert.