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Godrej freezers are known for their optimal cooling and power savings, as well as the highest efficiency while being completely green and environmentally friendly. They come with convertible technology that enables them to act as coolers according to your requirement. These appliances have interiors that you can easily clean. Godrej freezers are designed with anti-rodent technology to prevent any rodent infection. Even though these appliances come in good qualities, you might face a time when one or the other feature is not working correctly. It can be due to the constant use of the appliance throughout the year.

Additionally, you may find a problem with its installation or uninstallation. At such a time, a technician can resolve your issue. However, when it comes to booking a service request, it's not that easy. Contacting Godrej freezer customer care needs a lot of time and patience. But here's a solution for this problem - OneDios. You can use this platform to raise a service request in just 60 seconds and don't even need to call any customer care centre. OneDios gives you various options for availing services:

Request Types

Using OneDios has its benefits, and finding different request types is one of them. Selecting a suitable request will help in deciding the ideal service for your problem, and it will save you from telling the same problem repeatedly. OneDios has two types of requests under its Godrej freezer service, namely, installation-related and repair requests. A brief explanation of both these requests is given below:

Installation Related Request

As the name indicates, the installation-related request covers the setting up, uninstalling or reinstalling of the appliance. You can select a suitable option for getting an appropriate service. It will only take one minute with OneDios compared to hours with Godrej freezer customer care.

1. Demo Request

It is easy to get bewildered with a new appliance and its working. There are several features that you might not know about your product. So, it's wise to raise a demo request for a proper explanation of various components of the Godrej freezer by a professional.

2. Installation Or Reinstallation

Complicated wirings and heavy appliances are not easy to install. Therefore, you will need professional help for its installation or reinstallation. It's a hassle-free process with OneDios compared to contacting Godrej freezer customer care.

3. New Product Installation

If you buy a brand new product, you can use this option for its installation. Unlike Godrej freezer customer care, you will quickly get professional help.

Repair Request

When your Godrej freezer is showing any malfunctioning, then you can choose a repair request. It covers all the possible problems you might face with your appliance. You can select the right issue and place a repair request. It will only take six clicks for you to raise the request, and you don't even need to go through the hassle of searching for the Godrej freezer customer care number on the internet. You can get a brief explanation of different breakdown issues below:

1. Bad Smell

A foul smell may indicate mould growth or leakage of gas. A technician can fix this issue after determining the cause of the problem. So, raise a repair request to get professional help.

2. Broken Or Damaged

A physical injury may result in a broken or damaged part of your appliance. If you are facing such a problem, then opt for this issue for repairs.

3. Child Lock

If you are facing any problem with the child lock, then raise a repair request by selecting this option. A professional will resolve all your issues regarding the same.

4. Corrosion Or Rusting

After usage for several years, parts containing iron might undergo corrosion or rust. It can ruin the strength of your appliance. So, if you see any traces of corrosion or rusting in your device, then consider selecting this option for a solution.

5. Display Shows Error Or LED Blinks

Internal malfunctioning may lead to an error in the display or blinking of the LED. A technician will find out the exact cause of this issue and resolve it.

6. Door Or Lock Problem

As you will use the Godrej freezer door multiple times, and if not opened or closed carefully, then there are chances you might face a door or lock problem. If it is the case with you, then choose this option for fixing it.

7. Drain Issue

If you are facing a drain issue with your appliance, select this option to raise a repair request. A technician will solve this issue quickly.

8. Electrical Shock

If your appliance is giving an electrical shock, then it's better to get it fixed by an electrician. It could result from internal damage, and it's better not to use your appliance before getting it repaired. Such issues need immediate action, so select this option and raise a request in less than a minute.

9. Excess Cooling

If your appliance is not working according to the set temperature and results in excess cooling, select this option to resolve the problem.

10. Excess Ice Formation

Excess ice formation could be a result of the wrong setting. You can check the settings; if you don't see any problem there, then raise a repair request to get a technician for its repair.

11. Fire Or Spark Or Burning Smell

These issues may occur due to internal circuit damage. Raise a repair request to avail an electrician to resolve this issue.

12. Food Getting Spoiled

When your food is getting spoiled in the freezer, then you can check for the temperature settings. If everything seems alright with it, raise a repair request to fix the issue.

13. Gap In Plastic Parts

If you have found gaps in plastic parts of your appliance, then select this option. Professionals will repair the damaged part.

14. Gasket Torn Gap

Resolve this issue by simply opting for a repair request. You will get the service on the date selected for the servicing.

15. Ice Formation In Ref Comp

If you are noticing ice formation in the ref camp of your Godrej freezer, then you can fix it by raising a repair request in just 60 seconds.

16. Ice Matic Not Working

When the ice matic of your appliance is not working, it is crucial to fix it. You can raise a repair request by selecting this option.

17. Light Not Working

This problem can occur if the fuse has blown or the bulb has reached the end of its useful life. Choose a technician to solve this issue.

18. Main Or MCB Tripping

Main or MCB tripping can occur due to several reasons. An electrician will detect the right cause and will resolve it accordingly.

19. Melting In Freezer Comp

If your appliance shows such a problem, raise a repair request by choosing this option.

20. Moisture Or Sweating

Fix any problem related to moisture or sweating by raising a repair request for the same. A technician will resolve the issue after checking your appliance.

22. Noise Or Vibration

Noise or vibration problems may occur due to a malfunctioned component. A professional can address this issue, and you only need to raise a repair request.

23. Over Cooling

Over cooling is a common problem with a freezer. If you also face this issue, then raise a request by selecting this option to get professional support.

24. Packing Damage

Transportation, loading and unloading sometimes result in packing damage. Address this issue by raising a service request in just 60 seconds.

25. Part Broken

If you find any part of your appliance broken, then for its proper functioning, you need to repair that part. Choose this option for solving the issue.

26. Part Or Accessories Missing

When any part or accessory of your appliance is missing, then you can raise a request. You will get the authentic part or accessory for your device.

27. Poor Cooling

Poor cooling is another issue that you might face with your Godrej freezer. You can address this problem with OneDios by raising a service request in just 60 seconds.

28. Sudden Stop

If your appliance suddenly stops, then it may indicate an internal problem. A technician can resolve this issue, and you can raise a request to avail of the services.

29. Sweating-Interior Or Exterior

Another issue that your appliance may show is sweating interior or exterior. It may be a result of a damaged part. You can raise a request for technician help.

30. Water Dispenser Not Working

If the water dispenser is not working, raise a repair request by selecting this option. You will get the right solution with a skilled technician.

31. Water Leakage

When your Godrej freezer is showing water leakage, then availing professional help becomes necessary. Get it with OneDios in just 60 seconds.

32. Wheels Not Moving Or Jammed

If the wheels of your appliance are not moving or jammed, get them repaired by a technician. Raise a service request to avail of professional support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the maximum capacity of a freezer?

It's best to keep the freezer between 70 and 85% packed. If there's too much in there, it will result in restricted airflow, and if there's not enough, all of the cool air will leak outside each time you open the freezer door.

Q.2 When will I be able to put food into my new freezer?

After allowing 4 hours for it to rest on its side or 1 hour for it to set standing, you can place items in your new freezer. You're good to put your stuff in your new freezer after this time.

Q.3 How long can you leave a freezer powered down?

Unopened, the freezer will maintain items fresh for roughly 4 hours. If the door is locked shut, a full freezer will hold the cold for about 48 hours (24 hours if half-full).

Q.4 Will a freezer leak if it is turned off?

Following a power outage, water seeps down via the refrigerator as the freezer ice melts. This water will begin to leak out if it comes into contact with a fracture or other hole before reaching the drain.